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Learn how ShipCompliant makes it easy and safe to sell your wine directly to your customer or distributor, so you can grow your business. 

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We Leverage Technology to Simplify Compliance Challenges

ShipCompliant is the industry leader in compliance and transaction technology. We work to simplify compliance, tax, fulfillment, and registrations to empower you to grow your winery.

Why use ShipCompliant?


Reduce Risk

Submit compliant reports that have been vetted by a team of compliance experts


Save Time

Create and submit compliance documents in seconds


Save Money

Reduce your tax liability by collecting the right amount at checkout


Delight Customers

Provide a customer experience that’s as delightful as your tasting room



Real-Time Compliance Checks



Accurate Tax Rates



Dozens of Integrations



Automated Filing & Remittance



Fulfillment Management



Unlimited Support



Address Validation & Age Verification



State Registrations



COLA Management



License Renewals


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“ShipCompliant has an amazing product that regularly adapts as customers’ needs change. Quite excellent customer service, too!”
Mona Marlow, Artesa Winery


“Great customer service, seemingly unlimited knowledge on compliance issues nationwide; user friendly interface.”
Mary Beth Murchison, Patel Winery

Available Add-ons

Products to make compliance even easier!


Set your compliance reporting to autopilot and let the ShipCompliant team handle your submissions each month. Learn More!


Save hours of research by strategically utilizing the TTB’s COLA database to build an arsenal of information for your team. Learn More!

Delivery Experience Tools

Give your customers a delivery experience as luxurious as your tasting room. Learn More!

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