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Streamline Workflows Using Automated Product Registration Platform

Expedite product registration approvals in every state, saving time, money, and postage, and quickly resolve any issues using integrated cloud-based platform.

Bringing a new wine, beer or spirit product to market requires a mountain of time-consuming and confusing paperwork to register the product in each state where you plan to market and sell. The process often starts with a treasure hunt of state websites to learn about their specific regulations, followed by the tedious process of downloading, printing, filling out and mailing hundreds of pages of forms for just a single product. Then, after a long wait – sometimes more than two months – you receive notification of the product registration approval, or worse, rejection, due to a small error.

ShipCompliant Product Registration Online (PRO) expedites the registration process, securing approvals in a matter of hours or days, enabling your team to get your new product into the market and in the hands of customers faster. The cloud-based platform enables beverage alcohol suppliers and producers to electronically create and file product registrations, tailored to each state’s unique requirements, in a matter of minutes.

The cloud-based platform prompts users for all requirements, including state licenses, product details, distributors and supporting documents, saving users time and frustration tracking down this information. ShipCompliant’s PRO has a direct integration with state systems, which alerts users to any errors that could delay the process, provides users the opportunity to quickly fix issues and address any concerns, and speeds the approval process from months to days or hours.

ShipCompliant Product Registration Online Features

Take the paper cuts out of the brand label registration process using a cloud-based platform that streamlines workflows for both licensees and states.

Reduces Approval Times From Weeks To Days

  • Complete hundreds of registrations in a matter of minutes
  • Pull label information, then quickly and easily add labels to a registration through direct integration with TTB
  • Reduce time to approval from more than two months to a matter of days, even hours

Minimize Errors and Risk of Rejection

  • Be alerted to potential registration problems to avoid rejections
  • Get quick feedback and approval with no need to wait for postal delivery
  • Receive free, live technical support from Sovos experts

Streamline Workflow with Easy-to-Use Interface

  • Leverage a single, cloud-based platform to file registrations electronically in states using PRO
  • Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual filing activities
  • Access a real-time view of registration status and listing of searchable approved registrations to share with distributors

Gain Control of Costs

  • Understand registration costs with transparent view of fees by state
  • Reduce mailing and postage costs with electronic filing
  • Receive a full refund to your account if your registration is rejected by a state
ShipCompliant PRO is also available to states interested in managing registrations electronically.
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