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Automated, complete project management and real-time government integration simplify go-to-market complexities

Breweries, distilleries, wineries and importers face time-consuming and expensive processes for each new product they bring to market. From researching federal and state government requirements to lost opportunities when products are delayed because of compliance issues, these companies contend with significant product management complexity.

ShipCompliant Market Ready eliminates these challenges with its automated product management workflow. The only industry solution that integrates directly with governmental systems, ShipCompliant Market Ready simplifies label research and facilitates product and brand label registrations, making the process so easy that no deep compliance expertise is required.

Also serving as a central repository for all compliance data, the cloud-based ShipCompliant Market Ready makes it easy to securely store all COLAs, brands, registrations, distributors, territories, licenses and approval statuses, as well as manage distributors down to the state and territory levels, eliminating tedious, time-consuming processes.

ShipCompliant Market Ready Features

Reduce administrative and lost opportunity costs by simplifying compliance processes to quickly and efficiently get products to market.

Speed Filings with Direct Government Integration

  • Maintain all needed data in ShipCompliant to submit certificate of label approval (COLA) applications directly
  • Generate registrations for state requirements regardless of submission method: paper, eFile or PRO (Product Registration Online)

Get Products to Market More Efficiently

  • A step-by-step guide walks you through preparing all forms for state product and brand label registrations
  • Pre-populate all required fields and supporting documents so all you have to do is print, file electronically or submit automatically
  • Streamline registration outputs with single, consistent workflow

Improve Visibility for Your Team

  • Identify common reasons for corrections so federal and state registrations can be submitted right the first time, with no denials
  • View anticipated dates for state approvals to provide team with accurate product launch timelines
  • Enable all salespeople, distributors and other key stakeholders to see what products are approved with state and federal regulators

Gain Insights into Products Coming to the Market

  • Instantly search all beverage alcohol labels
  • Learn about products currently on the market – and approved but not yet released – to assess competitive threats and opportunities
  • Prevent costly trademark disputes through proactive market research and monitoring
“With product registration processes and regulations varying so widely among states, ShipCompliant has an intelligent and flexible yet foolproof tool for taking the user through the necessary registration steps. The process is visual and logically designed. It is as simple as indicating which products to register in which states and ShipCompliant instantly populates forms and cover letters, pulls COLAs from the TTB database and collates the documents into one complete package.”

— Kate Laughlin, VP Martine’s Wines


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