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Track alcohol license deadlines and renewals, access all state requirements, and ensure timely renewal submissions

For wineries, breweries, distilleries and importers selling products in multiple states, knowing – and remembering – every license renewal deadline can make managers’ heads spin. It’s important to keep up with the frequency of renewals – ranging from annually to every three years, depending on the state – but there are also logistical issues to consider, such as whether renewals are online or via paper, and how far in advance of expiration the renewal must be completed.

ShipCompliant License Renewals is a valuable project management tool that prevents beverage alcohol companies from losing sight of upcoming deadlines. Whether a company is just starting or maintaining good standing with federal and state licensing requirements, ShipCompliant License Renewals provide clear visibility into everything needed to ensure alcohol licenses don’t expire. Use License Renewals to stay current on state requirements and access forms, ensuring that all renewals can be submitted on time to avoid delays, late fees and the risk of lapses that will negatively impact sales.

ShipCompliant License Renewals Features

Keep track of important license renewal deadlines with a centralized project management tool that provides clear visibility and guidance about each state’s requirements.

Eliminate Risk of Lapsed Licenses

  • Get timely reminders for deadlines in each state in which you hold licenses
  • Avoid licenses lapsing, ensuring no gaps of time that prevent selling in certain states
  • Skip the headaches and complexities of having to start from scratch if a license expires

Gain Clear Visibility into All Vital Information

  • Easily find upcoming deadlines to complete renewals in advance
  • Discover state-by-state requirements for completing renewals, such as whether a notary, owner/officer’s signature, bond or supplemental document is needed

Stay Organized with Cloud-based Solution

  • Gain access to the latest state guidelines
  • Find all necessary forms and filing criteria in a single place
  • Reduces time needed to renew licenses

Simplify Your Workflow

  • Stop searching through file cabinets, spreadsheets and/or state websites
  • Leverage a central platform to streamline the renewal process
  • Receive automatic alerts 90-days before a license expires
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