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Organize License Data & Never Get Caught With an Expired License

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Track alcohol license deadlines and renewals, access state requirements and forms, and ensure timely renewal submissions

  • Eliminate risk of lapsed licenses
  • A guide to getting licensed in each state and quick links to necessary forms
  • Get reminders so you never miss a renewal submission deadline
  • Organize and simplify workflows

For wineries, breweries, distilleries, and importers selling products in multiple states, staying on top of every license requirement and renewal deadline can be a headache. It’s important to keep up with the frequency of renewals — ranging from annually to every three years, depending on the state — plus there are also logistical issues to consider, such as whether renewals are online or via paper, and how far in advance of expiration the renewal must be completed.

Figuring out each state’s requirements is no less challenging. There’s a lot to consider: does a particular state require a bond, a background check, ownership information, and more? And once you are licensed, it can be difficult to keep up with evolving renewal requirements.

ShipCompliant License Management is a valuable project management tool that helps beverage alcohol companies keep track of upcoming deadlines and state licensing requirements. Whether your company is just starting or is working to maintain good standing with state licensing requirements, ShipCompliant License Management provides visibility into everything you need to obtain and maintain beverage alcohol licenses. Use ShipCompliant License Management to stay current on state requirements and access forms, ensuring that you are aware of all requirements for any new states you are considering entering, and that all renewals can be submitted on time to avoid delays, late fees, and the risk of lapses that will negatively impact sales.

ShipCompliant License Management Features

Keep track of state requirements and forms, and important license renewal deadlines, with a centralized project management tool.

Eliminate Risk of Lapsed Licenses

  • Get timely reminders for deadlines in each state in which you hold licenses
  • Avoid licenses lapsing, ensuring no gaps of time that prevent selling in certain states
  • Reduce time needed to renew licenses
  • Skip the headaches and complexities of having to start from scratch if a license expires

Gain Visibility into Vital Licensing and Renewals Information

  • Discover state-by-state requirements for licensing and completing renewals—eliminate uncertainty about where to locate current state license information or if you have the most current forms
  • Easily find upcoming deadlines to complete renewals in advance—save time on researching states’ varying deadlines

Stay Organized with a Cloud-Based Solution

  • Gain access to the latest state licensing guidelines in one location
  • Find all necessary forms and filing criteria in a single place
  • Enjoy a centralized database to store state and federal licenses

Simplify Your Workflow

  • Stop searching through file cabinets, spreadsheets, and/or state websites
  • Find state licensing requirements or forms at your fingertips
  • Leverage a central platform to streamline the renewal process
  • Receive automatic alerts 90 days before a license expires

ShipCompliant License Manager is available as a standalone product offering. License Manager Features are included in all ShipCompliant core products including Market Ready, Direct, and AutoFile.

“Prior to using ShipCompliant we used papers and filing cabinets and only kind of knew the basics for certain states [in terms of license management]. ShipCompliant does all of the work and research for us and it’s all on a computer screen. It helps you end up not having to do the research yourself. Every time I’ve ever had a problem they call me back right away. Support is very accessible and helpful.”

Gary Jackman, Kobrand

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