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Streamline direct-to-consumer wine compliance and automate administrative tasks with centrally managed platform

Over the past decade, states across the country loosened strict wine shipping restrictions, changing the equation for wineries and retailers. Now able to sell and ship products directly to consumers in most states, this wine sales channel has grown explosively, culminating in $2.69 billion in sales in 2017. Wineries and retailers can take advantage of this business opportunity, but without a centrally managed platform like ShipCompliant Direct, they run the risk of being out of compliance, facing penalties and fines, or worse.

However, with heavy regulations on the sale of products and licensing requirements that vary from state to state, wineries and retailers face a herculean task of tracking rule changes, securing licenses and maintaining compliance. States are leveraging technology and reports from common carriers, such as FedEx and UPS, to ensure products are entering legally from licensed shippers. Violations of these state-specific laws can result in loss of licenses, the inability to ship and steep financial penalties.

Offering integrations with federal and state government registration systems, ShipCompliant Direct makes it easier for wineries and retailers to navigate constantly evolving direct-to-consumer shipping laws, minimize risks associated with compliance and grow their business through the direct-to-consumer shipping channel.

Leveraging a centralized cloud-based platform, ShipCompliant Direct combines accuracy, automation and ease-of-use to give businesses full confidence in knowing they have control over the compliance, tax collection and remittance processes.

$2.69 billion

In 2017, consumers spent a record $2.69 billion on direct-to-consumer wine shipments, reflecting 15.5 percent growth year-over-year.

5.78 million

Direct-to-consumer wine shipments grew 15.3 percent, totaling more than 5.78 million cases.

776.3 million

776.3 million transactions pass through ShipCompliant annually, with 99.4 percent uptime.

ShipCompliant Direct Features

Streamline direct-to-consumer wine sales, while maintaining compliance with licensing, tax collection, payment and remittance, and reporting requirements.

Access Real-Time Insights on State and Federal Regulations and Taxes

  • Eliminates the guesswork, providing up-to-the-minute updates on the latest state and federal regulations
  • Saves time and money by doing away with manual processes and outdated services
  • Leverages Sovos’ extensive expertise in tax and regulatory environments

Grow Your Business and Deliver a Top-Notch Customer Experience

  • Supports fast, efficient fulfillment of orders
  • Automatically calculates real-time tax rates based on product type and order destination
  • Provides complete control over the entire sales process – from the winery to the customer’s door

Minimize Risk of Penalties and Fines

  • Integrates directly with The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau and state Product Registration Online
  • Offers compliance checks against state requirements, tax calculations and reporting
  • Delivers complete project management workflow

Centralize Processes with Cloud-based Solution

  • Powered by the robust, rules-based SaaS platform from global compliance leader Sovos
  • Reduces time needed to prepare products for shipping
  • Automates common administrative tasks
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