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Handle sales tax reporting, gallonage reporting and direct shipment reporting with ease, and mitigate errors, late filings and penalties

For wineries, the paperwork related to compliance with state and local jurisdictions – sales tax reporting, gallonage reporting and direct shipment reporting – can be time-consuming and confusing. Many smaller wineries struggle finding the staff to handle these tasks because it takes valuable time away from vineyard operations and expanding sales efforts. But the paperwork is a necessary evil, since it is a requirement, and if you fail to report and remit, you can lose your license to ship or distribute into the state and face significant fines and penalties.

ShipCompliant AutoFile is backed by Sovos’ robust, rules-based SaaS platform, which calculates real-time tax rates based on product type and order destination, ensuring the correct amount of tax is paid to the appropriate taxing authority by the deadline. Wineries using ShipCompliant’s AutoFile solution dramatically decrease the amount of time their teams spend monitoring deadlines and filling out reports. ShipCompliant AutoFile handles all the necessary paperwork for sales tax reporting, gallonage reporting, and direct shipment reporting, alerting your team if reports need attention, and providing the opportunity to fix issues before reports are filed.

ShipCompliant AutoFile Features

Minimize hours spent on reporting and remittance with a solution that creates and submits returns, guaranteeing filing accuracy and timeliness.

Guarantee Accuracy

  • Ensure 100% accuracy based on your order and account information
  • Be alerted to errors or missing information, enabling corrections before reports are filed

Increase Visibility

  • See all data, reports and payments made in a single, user-friendly dashboard
  • Gain full confidence that reports and remittances are being filed accurately and on time

Simplify Filings

  • Mitigate risk by submitting reports with the correct tax, on time
  • Benefit from a single monthly deadline for finalizing order information and approving reports

Save Time

  • Eliminate time-consuming work of filling out returns and submitting reports and remittances
  • Focus on valuable, revenue-generating activities instead of paperwork
“ShipCompliant AutoFile has allowed me to completely reallocate my time in a more efficient manner on a monthly basis. I often find myself wondering how I used to get everything done before we began using AutoFile! The platform is easy to use, all the information I need is still readily available, and the ShipCompliant staff is beyond helpful, as always.”

— Andrea Balsama, Naked Wines

Success Story

Lamborn Family Vineyards sees 90% reduction in time spent filing with AutoFile. Learn more.

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