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Automated reporting

Real-time compliance

Integrated fulfillment

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Retailer features

  • Automate your direct shipping and tax reports

    Take back the hours you spent filling out reports while knowing they’re on time and accurate

    Pre-populated reports

    ShipCompliant takes all of your orders and gets them on the right report for the right state for the right reporting period. Period. You can print individually or in bulk. All required fields will be completed with your company information, just print and sign.

    Report alerts

    Warning: You’ll have no excuse for late reports

    Configurable alerts delivered via email and within ShipCompliant will keep you on task and on time. No matter what reporting frequency you choose for each state, you can decide how much lead time you need to get the reports printed and in the mail. Alerts will also keep you up to date on any changes to required reports you use.

    eFile States are a breeze

    ShipCompliant preps reports for efile for states that allow it. You can store your usernames and passwords for state efile websites and send the files right from ShipCompliant without switching gears. Jump straight through to efile on state websites. No hoops needed.

    AutoFile: Reporting on cruise control

    Put your reporting on cruise control

    Does it take longer to get an approved check cut for each state report than it does to read this sentence? Then AutoFile may be for you. No more e-filing or printing reports, no more waiting, no more remembering to put them in the mail. ShipCompliant can now send reports and payments to the state. You’ll see the amount paid to the states on your monthly ShipCompliant invoice. Just choose your states and frequencies and let ShipCompliant do the driving. Learn more about AutoFile.

  • Getting orders shipped. Seamlessly.

    We partner with leading fulfillment houses so that you’re always in control of your shipments

    Real-time communication with fulfillment

    Compliant orders are immediately visible and downloadable at fulfillment locations. If there are any issues with the order (such as inventory), fulfillment can flag an order for you to view and work together to resolve. When fulfillment adds tracking numbers to shipped orders in ShipCompliant, those are immediately available in your portal and via API to your order systems. See a list of our partners.

    Complex rules for order shipments?

    No problem

    Temperature requirements for shipping can be configured in your account to prevent orders getting to fulfillment that shouldn’t ship unless the weather is right. Fulfillment batches allow you to group your shipments to match your shipping processes. Point-of-Sale details such as an orders being a part of a club can be passed through ShipCompliant to fulfillment.

  • We cover all of your compliance needs

    Intelligent alerts, easy order management and always-updated rules to ensure regulatory compliance

    Real-time compliance checks

    Orders get checked right here, right now

    Your orders are checked against over 700 rules including volume limits and age checks where necessary. When an order isn’t compliant, ShipCompliant will tell you how to fix it right away so your customers get their wine as fast as possible.

    Accurate tax rates

    We go way past the zip code

    All too often we hear about businesses caught up in paperwork because they were charging inaccurate tax rates. We calculate exact tax rates down to the city and county level so you never have to worry about under or over collecting taxes again.

    Address validation and age verification

    ShipCompliant’s address verification tools keep track of Customer Aggregate Volume Limits over time and match the amount of wine shipped to what the state allows. If you ever have questions, our legendary support team is there to help. In tandem with our address validation tools, we offer two different sets of Age Verification tools. You can choose to check all orders, or only the orders where age verification is required.

    State by State rules

    Always up to date so you can plan ahead

    We have a dedicated research team devoted to staying up to date on every compliance law, rule, and regulation. These details are broken down state by state and available for clients to browse what is needed for shipping both onsite and offsite orders direct to consumer. You can easily review what licences are needed before you start shipping to a new location. All of the details, none of the digging.

    State Registrations

    Product Registration Express creates more time in your day

    A step-by-step guide walks you through preparing all forms for state registrations. ShipCompliant pre-populates all of the required fields and supporting documents so all you have to do is print. Product Registration Express (PRE) allows you to submit labels for multiple states at once while respecting brand territory distribution.

    COLA Submissions

    Organize and manage your COLAs digitally

    With ShipCompliant, your entire federal registration workflow can live in one place. Our COLA tools walk you through the entire COLA submission process as well as clone and modify previous submissions. You can even pull in formula information directly from the COLAs online site. And because we’re the only compliance provider out there who has an integration with the TTB, you know that your COLAs are in safe hands.

  • Accurate and up-to-date local tax rates

    Never worry about under or over-paying ever

    Accurate tax rates on every order

    Constantly monitored to ensure compliance

    All too often we hear about businesses caught up in paperwork because they were charging inaccurate tax rates. We calculate exact tax rates down to the city and county level so you never have to worry about under or over collecting taxes again. Our team monitors and updates tax rates at the state and local level to ensure that you can collect the correct tax on every order and aren’t under-paying and get stuck paying the difference.

    Save time and money with our tax tools

    Flexibility for every situation

    We know that your tax situation is unique to you, so we allow you the flexibility to choose how taxes are collected. You can choose to collect state and local taxes based on our researched rates or choose a custom. And with our tax-table integration, instead of entering hundreds of tax rates by hand you can simply choose how you would like to assess taxes and we’ll make sure the rates are accurate for each order based on your rules.

Frequently asked questions

What states can I ship to as a retailer?

There are 14 states that are available for Direct to Consumer shipments from retailers. They are: California, Oregon, Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Louisiana, West Virginia, Virginia, Alaska, and New Hampshire.

How can ShipCompliant help?

ShipCompliant offers real-time compliance checks for retail to consumer shipments in the 14 states allowed, provides tax rates accurate down to recipient address, and connects to over 100 order management and fulfillment systems to help streamline your workflow.

What are the compliance rules for the states that I can ship to?

Reciporical States: Idaho, Missouri, New Mexico, and California

General requirements that apply to interstate retail shipments also include but are not limited to:
Customer volume limits: all regions but Alaska
Direct shipping permits: Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming
Producer consent: Virginia
Label registration: Virginia, West Virginia
Third party marketing restrictions: Virginia
Direct shipment to dry areas prohibited: Alaska, New Hampshire, West Virginia