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We Leverage Technology to Simplify Compliance

ShipCompliant is the industry leader in compliance. With 10 years of experience, we enable importers to simplify product registrations, COLAs, and licensing, so you can get your product to consumers faster.

Why use ShipCompliant?

ShipCompliant gives your business a powerful web-based platform to operate more efficiently in a heavily regulated and complicated industry.


Reduce Risk

Receive notifications if data is missing and stay up to date with current laws.


Save Time

Pre-populated reports and registrations let you focus more time on your business.


Increase Visibility

Manage and view compliance from a single web
based platform, from anywhere at anytime.


Increase Revenues

ShipCompliant helps you import more brands faster while still following all the rules with ease.



Brand Registrations


Distributor Management


Gallonage Reporting


COLA Submissions


Price Posting


State Requirements

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“We didn’t know that we needed a tool like ShipCompliant until we started using it. We are now more efficient than ever with our product registrations, COLAs and licensing. We couldn’t live without it.”
Kelly Monahan, Pernod Ricard
“Prior to using ShipCompliant we used papers and filing cabinets and only kind of knew the basics for certain states. ShipCompliant does all of the work and research for us and it’s all on a computer screen.”
Gary Jackman, Kobrand


“I like the ease, efficiency, and the features of the program. I like the one stop shop, the great team of experts who are always available to help! It is a pleasure working with all of you.”
Linda Bauer, W.J. Deutsch & Sons, Ltd.

Available Add-ons

Products to make compliance even easier!


Set your compliance reporting to autopilot and let the ShipCompliant team handle your submissions each month. Learn More!


Save hours of research by strategically utilizing the TTB’s COLA database to build an arsenal of information for your team. Learn More!

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