Improve the Delivery Experience

Bridge the Gap From Tasting Room to Table

Get Visibility Into the Status of Every Package

Track every wine package from every common carrier on one simple page. Stop sorting through your inbox to find tracking information.


Provide excellent customer experience

Show your customers a delivery experience as luxurious as your tasting room. Send personalized, friendly, and customized package tracking details automatically at key shipment milestones.

Measure your fulfillment performance

Analyze real-time delivery rates, returned package rates and individual customer delivery histories to track and improve your customers’ delivery experience.

Prevent expensive returns

Save your customers the aggravation of missing their delivery and improve your bottom line through targeted customer education and a range of delivery options.


Improvements for every role at a Winery

For fulfillment managers

Track your fulfillment process improvements

Reduce the number of returned packages

Automatically analyze destination temperature

Utilize advanced fulfillment management tools

For customer support

Find any package in seconds

Track customer and package history

Pinpoint at-risk shipments

Automate package alerts to customers

For wine club managers

Delight customers from tasting room to table

Craft a delivery experience consistent with your brand

Track fulfillment performance against industry trends

Save money by reducing returned packages

For the customer

Get excited when you see an update from your winery

Plan for your package’s arrival

Choose the best delivery option for you

No more ‘missed-delivery’ door tags



“We are now able to quickly identify packages that are at the biggest risk to be returned and take action immediately. The tool has been a great time saver for the team as they can now focus their time on packages that truly need it.
– Caitlyn Dezzani, Chateau Montelana



“We now have real-time access shipment statuses and can immediately notify our customers of failed delivery attempts like never before; as a result we are having far fewer packages returned to us, thus saving us, as well as our customers, time and money.”
– Brian Tyler Lamborn, Lamborn Family Vineyards




“The notifications have improved our ability to communicate with our customers and keep them informed. This has increased customer confidence in our process as well as helped to create excitement for the wine delivery.
– Megan Bolter, Frog’s Leap