Brewery Case Study

Uinta Brewing Saves Time and Avoids Costly Registration Rejections with ShipCompliant Brewery Edition

UintaBrewingUinta Brewing Company has been brewing delicious craft beer in Salt Lake City, Utah since the winter of 1993. Back then their operations consisted of a renovated mechanic’s garage, and distribution limited to local bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. Today Uinta distributes around 90,000 barrels a year across 33 states.

The Challenge: Confusing, Time-Consuming Reporting was Distraction from Business Development

With the growth and expansion come new complexities. No longer can they focus on compliance in once location with one set of reports, one set of tax rates, now they have to maintain compliance in 33 of them. To tackle this problem Uinta has a team of three people that help with compliance-related tasks. However, similar to many organizations this was not their only focus as they had many other responsibilities in the organization. Spending entire days completing excise tax reports and researching registrations just did not make sense.

Before implementing ShipCompliant Brewery Edition, Uinta’s compliance resided in a series of folders. Each state had a folder with hard copies of registrations from the past and copies for completing in the future. Reporting was all done by hand as well, and routinely resulted in the team pulling long nights hand filing everything and doing “so much math.” Needless to say, this was not efficient, especially considering that the team had several other responsibilities besides the compliance.

“To say dealing with state licensing and brand registrations is a headache, is the understatement of the century. It’s a constantly changing world where simple mistakes can set you backs weeks for approval and oftentimes it can affect you on a multi-tier level” -Tanya Sapula

The Solution: Using ShipCompliant Brewery Edition Saves Time and Frustration

Using ShipCompliant has transformed how Uinta completes state product registrations and excise tax reports. “ShipCompliant has cut my time registering brands at least in half,” says Uinta Brewing’s Tanya Sapula, “I’ve done four brands through ShipCompliant, and I’m not getting rejections! When I first started in compliance, I used to get huge packets returned, and that takes a lot of time.”

Along with registrations, reporting has been streamlined from long days of completing excise tax reports and late nights hand filing everything, to simple clicks for Ashley Rountree. “Now reports are so much easier, and I love the features that help with reporting like stored usernames and passwords and keeping track of expiring licenses-this saves me time.”

The Result: More Time to Focus on Brewing Delicious Beer

“We’re expanding into new states and it’s so daunting because each state is so different – ShipCompliant takes the guesswork out of our process, and we have comfort that what needs to be done is getting done. I couldn’t recommend ShipCompliant enough to anyone who works with licensing and brand compliance. It takes an otherwise tedious task and simplifies it – freeing me up to focus elsewhere, get more done in my day, and not have TTB-induced nightmares.” -Tanya Sapula

I remember when we first got ShipCompliant, running down the hall crying tears of joy because ShipCompliant filled in all the forms, and had the correct forms for each state right there at my fingertips. It’s been a complete game changer for me, it gives me confidence in what I’m submitting and frees up my day to deal with time sensitive issues that I’m responsible for in addition to compliance.