Government Case Study

Kansas Saves Time and Resources with ShipCompliant PRO

MartineAs with many states, before using Product Registration Online (PRO), Kansas state administrators processed all label registrations by paper. This involved reviewing paperwork, organizing physical forms, and relying on snail mail. In other words – a lot of time and resources. In 2011 Kansas was looking to save some of this lost time. As an alternative to paper filing, which they kept in place, they also began using the PRO system.

Kansas saw a significant drop in approval times. Where registrations used to take several weeks to process, Kansas was able to turn around most PRO registrations in a single day.

KeyboardBy 2015, due to the massive savings realized in both time and energy, Kansas mandated the use of PRO, doing away with paper altogether. Not only has Kansas been able to streamline the registration process, they have also been able to simplify the payment process, completely eliminating the need to process checks by handling all payment processing electronically through PRO.

“We can get more done because we don’t have to open mail and process checks for every case,” says Kansas ABC Operation Manager Debbi Beavers. “We are also able to review applications electronically and message back without having to look up contact info if we need another document or clarification.”

Although Kansas does not utilize the PRO auto-approval technology for new registrations, which can validate whether label registrations can be approved per the state’s regulatory requirements, they do use the PRO auto-approval logic for renewals; so, what used to take them weeks of time to complete is now completely hands-off.

OfficeKansas lists their favorite feature as the comment tool, which lets them communicate with licensees easily on each registration rather than having to call or email. In the past they would have to spend a lot of time on support and helping licensees find information. Now, letting licensees comment on their open registrations and find information about approved registrations (distributors, territories, expiration dates, etc.) on the Active Brands site has significantly cut down the time they spend on the phone opening them up for other priorities.

"The turnaround time is a lot faster. Sometimes in the past, when we got paper registrations, I had to wait for a lot of documents. With PRO prompting them for the right documentation, it helps them submit and keep things moving."