Wine.Woot! MarketPlace

Wine.Woot started it all! Established by Wine Country Connect and Woot in 2006, Wine.Woot is the benchmark of all Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce wine sites. Trusted by well over 250 winery partners, Wine.Woot is easy, fun and powerful -the site averages 250,000 visitors each week. Over 75,000 active buyers have joined the engaging buying experience that brings the buyer and winery together in a unique way.

Wine.Woot is like nothing else in the industry! From creating the setup of the sale to packaging and shipping on behalf of the winery, Sonoma based Wine Country Connect handles it all, making it one of the easiest Direct-To-Consumer sales channels.



• Established, Successful, Trusted, Seamless Direct-To-Consumer Sales Channel
• Quickly and easily convert inventory to capital
• Efficient and fast funds settlement – paid within 30 business days
• Regulatory approved mindset
• Proven, positive brand exposure
• No packaging, labeling, or shipping…Wine Country Connect does it all
• Excellent customer service reflecting positively on the brand
• Interact with the audience to recruit brand ambassadors


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