FORT Systems

Enable automatic order upload and shipping and tracking status updates with your FORT-powered warehouse.

FORT will look for additional orders every 12 minutes, from 3:00am – 10:00pm PST. There is no additional charge to enable a SC-FORT integration.


FORT Systems offers small and medium-sized businesses an affordable and powerful cloud-based SaaS Fulfillment Management System (FMS). Built specifically for 3rd-Party Logistics (3PL) companies, the platform includes Order Management, Warehouse Management (WMS), Inventory Management (IMS), Drop-Ship and Supply Chain / Trading partner collaboration.

FORT enables total Order and Package Lifecycle Management, ideal for multiple-brand companies, 3PLs, distributors and drop-shippers, as well as companies that offer alcoholic and other regulated products. FORT makes managing multiple sales channels and multiple warehouse locations seamless. FORT’s powerful platform makes fulfillment a snap, and provides a comprehensive system for fulfillment companies. The system allows management of multiple warehouse locations, zone skipping, courier label generation, real-time package life cycle management, seamless order uploading and filtering, customer-based preferences, access to 3-tier supply chain channels, client invoicing, and robust reporting and analysis tools.

The FORT FMS goes beyond standard WMS functionality, and is built specifically for those whose core business involves heavy reliance on package shipments.

A FORT-powered warehouse offers DTT and DTC shippers comprehensive fulfillment capabilities and real-time access to critical inventory, order and package information and functionality — whether or not your run your own warehouse.

Please contact your FORT warehouse account representative for additional details.

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