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bLoyal provides real-time integration for ShipCompliant validation in-flow of every order, including failure reasons and address suggestion, update and override options.



bLoyal is an Internet based “Software plus Service” solution that combines business class capabilities with ease of use, empowering wineries to profitably increase revenues by reaching more customers, selling more to each customer and gaining customer insight. bLoyal provides a multi-level customer loyalty and club management solution that is integrated with all your direct-to-consumer sales channels, an open e-commerce system that enables you to utilize the web designer of your choice, and a real-time ShipCompliant web-service integration for all your direct-to-consumer sales channels: Web store, tasting room POS, club, and phone orders.

  • Attract:   Grow your customer base with easy signup across channels and devices, personalized promotions, and instant awards.  Convert more visitors with our winery branded My Mobile LoyaltyTM application.
  • Engage:  Build customer relationships with personalized engagement across all touchpoints.  Create multichannel loyalty programs, offer awarded coupons, gift and membership cards, clubs with custom preferences, and multi-channel campaigns with email, text messaging, and mobile push notifications.
  • Understand:  Optimize customer loyalty through quick insight and deep understanding of your customers and programs.  bLoyal provides customer loyalty scores, powerful query and list tools, and robust standard and user-customized reporting.
  • Fulfill:   Streamline your Direct-to-Consumer business with built-in club management and phone orders, connected ecommerce and fulfillment, POS shipping and pickup orders, Amazon Marketplace, and real-time ShipCompliant integration.


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