Amazon Wine Compliance Check Integration

ShipCompliant's integration tool allows you to quickly and easily synchronize products and orders between Amazon and ShipCompliant.  The integration automatically retrieves your new Amazon orders on a scheduled (hourly) basis, check them for compliance, and, if compliant, release them to your preferred fulfillment location through ShipCompliant.  Once ShipCompliant gets a tracking number from your fulfillment location, we’ll automatically send that back to Amazon to confirm and complete the order. Non-compliant orders will also be canceled automatically on a scheduled basis if left non-compliant for 28 days.


ShipCompliant has built an Amazon MarketPlace channel compliance check and order sync for your Amazon sales channel.


  • Hourly compliance checks, quarantine and rechecking abilities
  • Tax Gap analysis for rate differences
  • Realtime Product sync
  • Commit orders to ShipCompliant for state tax and gallonage reporting
  • Route orders to your fulfillment location with ShipCompliant fulfillment management
  • Auto Confirm for compliant fulfilled shipments
  • Auto Cancellation for non-compliant shipments

To cover development, maintenance and support, we will charge a cooperative fee of $6 for every $350 of sales through Amazon Seller Central.  For more details on this integration, please see our ShipCompliant – Amazon Seller Central FAQ here.

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