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Leveraging Direct-to-Consumer Shipping and Sales Reports to Make Data-Driven Business Decisions

Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) reports are a great way to get data-driven information to help guide business decisions. Leveraging data and trends like the ones reported on in ShipCompliant’s DtC wine shipping report and Wine Direct’s DtC sales report alongside a wineries specific brand and business can help make strategic business decisions. Common trends like most popular […]

HAL Access Expands! ShipCompliant and Wineshipping Partner to Offer FedEx Hold-At-Locations (HAL) at Fulfillment Level

ShipCompliant by Sovos and Wineshipping announce a new integration to support FedEx Hold-at-Location availability. This addition of the fulfillment side of the HAL integration makes these HAL delivery options more accessible to wineries to offer to their customers, no matter the method of fulfillment. With consumers expecting speed and convenience for their deliveries, FedEx HAL […]

ShipCompliant Announces Carrier Compliance Portal with FedEx

ShipCompliant by Sovos is excited to announce our Carrier Compliance Portal, which enables wineries and retailers to share their state license data with FedEx. “This major milestone in DtC wine shipping is evidence of ShipCompliant’s commitment to work with our industry partners and state regulatory agencies to ensure the ongoing success of this important distribution […]

Automate Brewery Operations and Reporting With ShipCompliant and OrchestratedBEER

Here at ShipCompliant we have compliance covered! Streamline and take the complexity out of compliance by automating registrations, COLA submissions, and state filings, while also providing up-to-date state rules, tax rates, and regulations. As ShipCompliant has grown, we’ve expanded to help solve compliance challenges for all alcoholic beverage producers, including breweries! Since ShipCompliant helps breweries […]

New Partner | SimplyCMS Launches Integration

ShipCompliant regularly introduces you to wine industry software systems who have recently built integrations to our compliance, tax, and address validation APIs. This week we are excited to tell you about simplyCMS and invite you to join a live integration demo on Tuesday, March 1st (sign up below). You can view all current partners here and find out more information about our partner program here.

Partner Reviews | Let Your Voice Be Heard!

We are excited to now offer a partner review platform for our customers. This new feature lets you share your experience with our partners, and offer helpful feedback. We’ve already had some clients jump in with reviews, but we need even more to create a useful resource! Your insight is invaluable to wineries in the […]

Webinar | Creating an Excellent Experience from Tasting Room To Table

We know that you work hard to create an incredible in-person experience for your customers. It’s what you do best. Wine is a luxury product and, therefore, should be accompanied by a luxury experience. The challenge occurs when you have a direct-shipping program that involves several channels working together to sell your product. It requires […]

ShipCompliant Merges with Sovos Compliance

A Message from ShipCompliant President, Jason Eckenroth I’m excited to announce that ShipCompliant has combined forces with Sovos Compliance, a leader in tax compliance and reporting software. It’s a done deal; you won’t talk me out of it. Who is Sovos Compliance? Sovos Compliance is the recently named combination of compliance industry powerhouses Taxware, Convey […]

The OrchestratedBEER and ShipCompliant Integration

We have been working with our buddies at OrchestratedBEER to make your lives easier. OrchestratedBEER is an industry leader in brewery management software. They help breweries with everything from planning and scheduling your brews to managing your sales, invoices, and accounting. OrchestratedBEER and ShipCompliant have a shared purpose. We strive to simplify our customer’s processes, […]