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How to Ensure a Successful Shipping Season When Selling Wine DtC

By: Merilee Anderson- Copper Peak Logistics, VP Client Services Note: Copper Peak Logistics is a Platinum Certified Partner with ShipCompliant. Platinum Certified Partners provide the fastest and easiest integration with users’ ShipCompliant accounts, making compliance easier at every step in the delivery chain.       Right now, growers are in peak harvest time for […]

‘Tis the Season for Boozin’ with These Traditional Holiday Drinks

The holiday season is a time to cherish loved ones, great food, and – perhaps most importantly – great booze. Holiday traditions are abound this time of year, and many include particular cocktails or other alcoholic beverages that most tend not to drink throughout the rest of the year. From mulled wine to eggnog, people […]

BevAlc Roundup: First National Economic Impact Study of the American Wine Industry, Licensing Dilemma, and Small Brewery Taprooms

In today’s roundup, we take a look at the first national economic impact study of the American wine industry, the licensing dilemma, and the large impact that small brewery taprooms are having on direct-to-consumer sales.

White Paper Details Craft Beer Shoppers and How They Decide What To Buy

For craft breweries looking to expand their market presence, more data about consumer habits is invaluable. A white paper recently posted by the Brewer’s Association provides some of this data, including the notable conclusion that the person who shops for beer is not necessarily the person who will consume that beer. The paper, coauthored by […]

Nurturing Your Customers – Including Wine Club Members – is the Key to Direct-to-Consumer Success

As summer slowly fades away, the wine industry can look forward to busier days ahead. Whether it’s the chillier weather, or holiday gift giving, wine sales — and especially Direct to Consumer (DtC) sales — tend to peak. But just because the entire wine market tends to grow at this time of year doesn’t mean […]

Grape Expectations: 5 SMS Marketing Tips Designed to Juice Your Winery’s Sales

‘Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners, and for many these devices are a key entry point to the online world.’ This statement from the Pew Research Center comes with implications for wineries. In particular, mobile marketing plans are now a necessity for a diversified marketing strategy. We reached out to Sophorn Chhay, an inbound marketing […]

Infographic | Seven Rules of Thumb for Importers

Today’s importer faces some tough challenges. The number of regulations and deadlines for importer compliance is both complex and time-consuming. We’ve chatted with our importer clients to bring you some best practices, details to remember, and tips for making your jobs a little easier. We hope you find it helpful!  

Guest Post | Top Five Winery Marketing Tips for This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving just a week and a day away, we know you’re feeling the pressure to engage your customers for the holiday season. We reached out to Sandra Hess, founder of DTC Wine Workshops, to bring you some of the best tactics your winery can adopt to make the most of this time of year. […]

Guest Post | Going Mobile with Your Winery

This day in age, folks are on their phones for more than just making calls or sending messages. It’s become a place to do business. This transition has been difficult for many businesses to keep up with, especially within the beverage alcohol industry. We asked Scott Stanchak, a mobile marketing and product strategy executive, as well […]

Guest Post | The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Building Your Winery Email Subscriber List

Ron Scharman, COO of Chatterbox Wine Marketing Services, has been in the direct-to-consumer wine industry for over a decade. His expansive experience has made him well-versed in the ins and outs of the industry, which is likely why he’s a professor at Sonoma State’s Wine Business Institute. We asked Ron to share some tips for wineries looking to expand […]

Guest Post | Marketing to the Next Generation

Jonathan Cristaldi was one of our talented speakers at this year’s DIRECT Conference. His panel on marketing to the different generations was a crowd favorite, and people walked away wanting even more. Understanding and capturing the millennial generation’s attention is a hot topic these days, so we followed up with Jonathan to see if he […]

Guest Post | Prevent the Mailing List Summertime Blues

With ten years in the industry, April Damron understands the difficulties wine direct marketers must navigate during the sweltering months of summer. From her experience, she has developed some marketing tips and tricks which she has shared with us below. Read through this post to learn ways you can prevent those mailing list summertime blues.

Trademark Issues on the Rise

The beverage alcohol industry has seen a growing number of lawsuits over the last few years. We’ve seen two general forms of these: class action lawsuits concerning product classification and brand trademark lawsuits between companies. These lawsuits are proving to be time consuming, expensive, and a real hangover for those involved.

Creating an Excellent Experience From Tasting Room to Table

ShipCompliant values excellent customer service. Our team’s purpose is to create an incredible experience for our customers (and our employees and partners and anyone we work with). Years ago we implemented NPS scoring for both customers and employees, and we monitor these scores every single day. We take our purpose seriously.

Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado Announces Grant

Contribution from ShipCompliant means big impact for local nonprofit The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (EFCO) today announced it will distribute a generous grant to The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County. The grant is made possible because Boulder startup ShipCompliant elected to share a portion of its sale proceeds with the community. ShipCompliant recently merged with […]

ShipCompliant Merges with Sovos Compliance

A Message from ShipCompliant President, Jason Eckenroth I’m excited to announce that ShipCompliant has combined forces with Sovos Compliance, a leader in tax compliance and reporting software. It’s a done deal; you won’t talk me out of it. Who is Sovos Compliance? Sovos Compliance is the recently named combination of compliance industry powerhouses Taxware, Convey […]

Webinar | ShipCompliant Cider Edition Demo

Presented by Mackenzie Latham on March 5, 2015 As a cider producer, you, no doubt, have to navigate the cumbersome work of state product registrations, license management, and distributor reporting. There’s a lot of work to do to get your products to market. ShipCompliant makes it easier. ShipCompliant currently works with over 3,000 beer, wine, […]

Webinar | ShipCompliant Cider Edition Demo

Presented by Mackenzie Latham on March 5, 2015 As a cider producer, you, no doubt, have to navigate the cumbersome work of state product registrations, license management, and distributor reporting. There’s a lot of work to do to get your products to market. ShipCompliant makes it easier. ShipCompliant currently works with over 3,000 beer, wine, […]

Report Shows Record-Breaking Year for Direct Wine Shipping

–For Immediate Release– ShipCompliant and Wines & Vines Release Annual Report Showing Value of Winery Direct Shipments Jumping 15.5% in 2014 (Boulder, COLORADO)—American wineries increased the dollar value of their direct-to-consumer shipments by an unprecedented 15.5% in 2014, with an equally record-breaking increase in the volume of those shipments. The average price per bottle of […]

Your Secret Weapon: ShipCompliant Analytics

Have you ever wanted to easily find meaning in your ShipCompliant data or wondered what your most popular varietal or product is in a particular state? Or perhaps you’ve wondered which orders are unshipped, or even which licenses are expiring without manually sifting through spreadsheets or order data? ShipCompliant Analytics serves up data from your […]

No Need to Update Your ShipCompliant Passwords Because of the Heartbleed Bug

By now, you have probably heard about an encryption flaw called the Heartbleed bug. This bug affected web applications using a particular version of OpenSSL, a protocol designed to provide security for information transmitted over the internet. A widely-used version of OpenSSL was vulnerable to an issue in which sensitive information could potentially be exposed […]

The Pac Northwest is Heating Up! Learn How to Harness the Growth

Next week, our team will be in Napa to celebrate our 8th annual DIRECT Conference. If you’ll be in the area on June 13th, we’d love for you to attend! But did you know that we’ll also be holding events in Oregon and Washington this month? It’s easy to see why hundreds of brands in […]

Sonoma County Updates, and a Cordial Invitation

Today, we would like to remind you of two things: one is a law that will affect our friends in Sonoma County this year, and the other is a cordial invitation to an industry event in the area on May 30th! Sonoma County has seen great growth over the past few years, especially in 2012. According […]

Variety: The Spice of Life for Direct Shipping?

Among the most revealing facts in the new 2013 Direct Wine Shipping Report we recently released with Wines & Vines is that, given all the various types of wines produced and sold by wineries, a very select few types of wine dominate those shipped direct to the consumer. Together, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Red Blends, […]

What Wineries Can Learn from the NFL

Anyone watching the NFL has probably noticed something a little different this year…the referees stink! Thanks to a labor dispute with the refs, the NFL has been using “less qualified professionals” to regulate the games. And after Monday night’s fiasco in Seattle (sorry Packers fans), it’s clear the NFL’s fan base finally put enough pressure […]

A 5-Point Checklist For Selling Through Online Wine Marketers

Editor’s Note: The following post is part of our series on the Third Party Providers The rapid emergence of online wine marketers might be the biggest innovation in wine sales over the past five years. But selling and marketing your wine through these third-party channels poses many compliance and business-related challenges. That’s why we’ve put […]

Formalization of Wine's 'Fifth Column': Third-party Marketers

Editor’s Note: The following post is part of our series on the Third Party Providers “A compliant and effective e-commerce sales platform [is] now in place and available. There is a Fifth Column of wine sales now…The evolution and momentum of the Fifth Column of wine sales leads us to believe the genie is finally […]

Direct Shipping Legislation Heats Up Across the Country

This time of year always brings a flurry of legislative activity, and 2011 is no exception. The Granholm v. Heald Supreme Court ruling from 2005 is still having its impact on many states. 27 states are currently considering some form of direct shipping legislation, and at least 44 more have considered some sort of tax […]

Representing Change: One Piece of Washington's Overhaul

Last year, Washington State relaxed some of its restrictive alcoholic beverage laws as a result of a couple of comprehensive bills that passed the legislature (SB 5834 and HB 2040). The mandatory minimum markups between suppliers and wholesalers and between wholesalers and retailers are now history. Retailers can now pay suppliers using electronic funds transfers […]

Kansas permit applications available, Tennessee coming soon…

Late yesterday the Kansas ABC posted their applications for direct shipping on their website.  Wine producers across the country can now apply for permission to direct ship wine to Kansas consumers effective July 1, 2009. Kansas SB 212 was signed into law by Governor Kathleen Sebelius on April 10. Wineries interested in avoiding the hassle […]

Wine compliance tweets, posts, events, and information

With every blog post, we research the facts and analyze the data to provide you with an in-depth look of the issues at hand. Though our staff hears news daily and keeps track of industry events and happenings, not all this information makes its way to the blog. We do, however, post updates, news stories, […]

Keeping up: Direct Shipping Legislation

With Kansas now due to open for direct shipping on July 1st, and legislation pending in Florida and Tennessee that may change direct shipping laws, the direct shipping environment is shifting faster than usual. You will not want to miss a state-by-state review of legislative updates from Steve Gross, the Wine Institute’s Director of State […]

Direct Shipping Online Seminar: Last Chance to Register

This is a quick reminder that we will hold an online direct shipping seminar for wineries tomorrow (October 16th) at 10am PT. Over 550 people have registered for this event so far. Click the button below to register for this FREE event. October 16th Online Direct Shipping Seminar

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When we make a post here on the ShipCompliant blog, we take the time to really understand an issue, research the facts involved, and make a substantive post that adds value to the issue that we are discussing. However, the ShipCompliant research team hears news and information from many different sources every day that may […]

Beat the Heat. Free temperature forecasting tool for wine shippers

During the hot summer months, wine shipping practically grinds to a halt due to high temperatures and an inability to navigate the whims of mother nature. To address this problem, ShipCompliant has developed an innovative free temperature forecasting tool that filters your order files by temperature within the destination zip code. Up until this point, […]

More Events – come join us!

ShipCompliant will be participating in two events this month. If you are in the area, please try to attend! Women for WineSense Professional Members Only – Real Life Compliance Solutions This event is meant to supplement the full-day TTB seminars occurring in the area at the same time. A legal overview will be provided by […]

Direct to Consumer Symposium – May 1st and 2nd 2008

Direct to Consumer Symposium May 1-2, 2008 Meritage Resort, Napa, CA Proceeds to Benefit Coalition for Free Trade and Free the Grapes! Register here Sessions will include: Who Is Buying? Consumer Research Findings Starting a Winning Direct Marketing Program Direct to Consumer Legislation and Enforcement Using Food & Wine Marketing to Increase Tasting Room Traffic […]