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Unlocking the Potential of Your ShipCompliant Account Can Help Foster Seamless Direct-to-Consumer and Three-Tier Operations

In the past, three-tier and direct-to-consumer channels have often operated independently or have even been viewed as competitive channels, but there is a benefit in having a symbiotic and seamless relationship between them. ShipCompliant helps businesses manage both their direct-to-consumer operations and three-tier reporting and registration compliance simultaneously. Our users tell us they reclaim hours […]

7 FY19 Statistics that Show Where the Beverage Alcohol Industry is Headed

ShipCompliant by Sovos recently closed the books on our fiscal year, and we’re looking back on the accomplishments of our clients, partners and industry. Since we entered the market, ShipCompliant by Sovos has helped customers pay more than half a billion dollars in tax to states through 1.8 million sales and excise tax reports. Now, […]

ShipCompliant expands product offerings with License Management and Delivery Experience

ShipCompliant announces two product offerings, License Management and Delivery Experience, the latter as a newly unbundled tool. We’ve incorporated customer feedback in developing these standalone solutions—creating more options to cater to emerging and growing organizations of all sizes and budgets. License Management helps beverage alcohol companies keep track of state licensing requirements and upcoming deadlines […]

Start Compliance Prep for Your Seasonal Beers Now

Right now, it’s easy to forget about the complex compliance process behind autumn and winter seasonal beers through the summer haze and its hazy IPAs. But breweries know these hot summer months are the best time to plan for those autumn and winter beers. Getting these beers to market can be time-consuming, and taking the […]

TTB Eases Rules for Making Changes to COLA Applications

The federal Trade and Tax Bureau (TTB) recently announced that it will enable a new “Conditionally Approved” status for Certifications of Label Approval (COLA) that will enable a simplified process for suppliers to correct applications with typos, a move that should bring welcome relief to all US beverage alcohol suppliers. Previously, any error in a […]

What the Tennessee Wine & Spirits Ruling Means for DtC Wine Shipping

Supreme Court Rules Against Tennessee’s Discriminatory Residency Requirements After months of waiting by the beverage alcohol industry, the United States Supreme Court published its ruling in Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Ass’n v. Thomas on June 26, 2019. The 7-2 opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito, clearly and definitively struck down a rule in Tennessee […]

HAL Access Expands! ShipCompliant and Wineshipping Partner to Offer FedEx Hold-At-Locations (HAL) at Fulfillment Level

ShipCompliant by Sovos and Wineshipping announce a new integration to support FedEx Hold-at-Location availability. This addition of the fulfillment side of the HAL integration makes these HAL delivery options more accessible to wineries to offer to their customers, no matter the method of fulfillment. With consumers expecting speed and convenience for their deliveries, FedEx HAL […]

ShipCompliant Announces Carrier Compliance Portal with FedEx

ShipCompliant by Sovos is excited to announce our Carrier Compliance Portal, which enables wineries and retailers to share their state license data with FedEx. “This major milestone in DtC wine shipping is evidence of ShipCompliant’s commitment to work with our industry partners and state regulatory agencies to ensure the ongoing success of this important distribution […]

Celebrate National Beer Day by Getting Compliance under Control

Drinking beer is easy and fun. Brewing it is more difficult, but still entertaining. Distributing it to different states and managing a brewery without running afoul of a thick book of laws and shipping regulations? Well, that’s something else altogether. There’s a reason April 7 is National Beer Day and not National Beer Regulation Compliance […]

ShipCompliant Introduces New Wine Distribution Compliance Resource

Producing quality wine is complicated and intricate, but selling and distributing that wine in an industry rife with complex government regulations can present an even more substantial challenge. Each new state you expand into will have its own unique regulations, licensing requirements, excise tax rates, and other compliance obligations you will need to fulfill before […]

BevAlc Roundup | Tennessee faces a challenge to its residency requirements for licensees, whither the California wine industry, and ways to accelerate aging spirits.

This is a busy time of year in the beverage alcohol industry, as the grape harvest continues apace and everyone else gets ready for the upcoming holiday season with its special products and unique offerings. So we hope you’ll take a minute or two and check out the Roundup. This week we have a couple […]

What’s in a Label? Webinar Recap

It is hardly a revelation to say that brand labels are incredibly important in the sale of beverage alcohol. After all, in an industry with a seemingly endless supply of new SKUs, having a great label is one of the best ways to identify your products and stand out from the crowd. But when it comes […]

BevAlc Roundup | Guidance for Importers claiming tax refunds, the California grape harvest begins, and the oldest physical traces of beer is found.

Before we get to this week’s Roundup, we want to give a quick shout of support for everyone out there dealing with the wildfires raging across the West. Last year was a terrible year for fires, and by all accounts this year has been no better so far. We give our fervent hopes that the […]

State Spotlight: A New Virginia License Signals Potential Advancement for Online Beer Sales

July 1, 2018 was a rather busy day for alcohol beverage regulations in the state of Virginia. Over a dozen different provisions were set to come into effect for the second half of 2018. Of these new and amended rules, several affect beer, wine, and spirits suppliers directly, such as: An increase in the initial […]

BevAlc Roundup: First National Economic Impact Study of the American Wine Industry, Licensing Dilemma, and Small Brewery Taprooms

In today’s roundup, we take a look at the first national economic impact study of the American wine industry, the licensing dilemma, and the large impact that small brewery taprooms are having on direct-to-consumer sales.

Regional NCSLA Event in Baltimore Delivers “Perspectives in Alcohol”

This October, NCSLA held their Northern/Southern Regional event, which was an overall success to say the least. Besides incredible hospitality from the Maryland Comptroller, attendees enjoyed networking opportunities with leaders from regulatory agencies, alcohol beverage law firms, and suppliers. There was an incredible amount of knowledge sharing and problem-solving at the event. I’ve summarized the […]

Applications for South Dakota Direct Sales Now Available

Come January, South Dakota will become the 43rd state to permit direct-to-consumer (DtC) sales. Wineries looking to enter the South Dakota DtC market can get prepared now for this opening, as South Dakota has just released its application for the new Direct Wine Shipper license. This announcement has been separately reported on by our partner, […]

New Jersey Introduces Online Licensing System

On June 4, the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control launched their new electronic licensing system, POSSE ABC. The POSSE system manages all types of licenses and permits, including those governing the manufacturing activities of Wine Institute members, namely wholesaler, solicitor, marketing agent and out-of-state winery licenses and permits.

Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Out of the Alcohol Labeling Business

Despite having an Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC), Louisiana has long held the authority for the registration and label review of alcoholic beverages under the Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH). Their responsibilities also included the registration of prophylactics, drugs, cosmetics, and seafood. Once the HB 331 is signed into law, the authority […]

Product Registration Online Updates for AK and KS

By now, those holding Kansas and Arkansas wholesale licenses should have received a notification from the states regarding 2015 label renewals. Both states allow for licensees to submit label renewals from June 1 – June 30. Additionally, all labels are renewed online through Product Registration Online. Renewals for both states can be completed by following these […]

Breakdown of the TTB’s Allowable Revisions

Changing a label is a standard part of the brand development process. When you decide to update a previously approved label, it is essential that you review the TTB’s list of allowable revisions before you submit a new COLA application. In some instances, your updates may not require you to send in the new label […]

New Massachusetts Licensing Platform

Beginning last Monday, March 9, Certificate of Compliance holders can renew their licenses online through the state’s new online system, the “eLicensing and ePermitting Portal.” It’s important to note that this doesn’t change the licensing process, it’s simply more convenient since it can all be performed online. Here are some important things to know about […]