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ShipCompliant expands product offerings with License Management and Delivery Experience

ShipCompliant announces two product offerings, License Management and Delivery Experience, the latter as a newly unbundled tool. We’ve incorporated customer feedback in developing these standalone solutions—creating more options to cater to emerging and growing organizations of all sizes and budgets. License Management helps beverage alcohol companies keep track of state licensing requirements and upcoming deadlines […]

Out-of-State Wine Shipping Options Expand in Florida

As of August 1, 2019 out-of-state retailers could begin shipping wine direct-to-consumer (DtC) to Florida residents. This follows a recent determination by the Florida Department of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (DABT) that extends to retailers a past court ruling that overturned Florida’s ban out-of-state wineries from shipping DtC to Florida residents. The past ruling, Bainbridge, […]

DtC Wine Shipping: Gain Control to Ensure Exceptional Delivery Experience

Wineries have to care about customer satisfaction and retention. If customers don’t have  excellent experiences or their expectations aren’t met, they have a lot of options and could buy wine elsewhere.  Wineries should strive to keep up with delivery expectations that have been set by companies like Amazon, Stitch Fix and Blue Apron. This can […]

Second Impressions Count: How Wine Delivery Experiences Shape Customer Preferences

In the world of wine, first impressions are incredibly important. Consumers’ perceptions can be swayed by a friendly greeting when they walk through the door, the layout and cleanliness of a tasting room, a website’s organization and ease of use, or the label of a bottle. But when you consider the growing influence of ecommerce, […]

New Prop 65 Warning Requirements for Online Sales and DTC Shipments in California

On August 30, 2018, newly-amended Prop 65 clear and reasonable warning regulations that apply to any winery that sells and ships their products to consumers in the State of California come into effect.  The new regulations (27 CCR § 25607.3 and 27 CCR § 25607.4)  require a Prop 65 Alcohol Beverage Warning language to be […]

Common Carriers Respond to State Scrutiny By Requiring Proof of DtC Licenses

In many ways, the Direct to Consumer (DtC) market for wineries has never had it better. The number of states that prohibit it is down to just a handful, and the states that do allow it are easing up on some onerous compliance requirements, including package label rules and reporting frequency. But as the DtC […]

Just What Is NPS and How Can It Change Your Business

In business, there are lots of numbers floating around. But the question becomes, which number actually shows how well your business is performing? We here at ShipCompliant consider our client’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) our key business indicator. We review our NPS weekly and use this number to determine how best to serve our clients. […]

Top 5 Challenges of Wine Delivery

Like most aspects of the beverage alcohol industry, wine delivery is complicated. Though the direct-to-consumer industry is strengthening, both economically and politically, there are many seemingly small pieces that can completely derail your business strategy. Below you’ll find the top five challenges faced by those shipping wine, and some possible solutions to these issues.

ShipCompliant Brings Next Generation Delivery Service to Wine Industry

ShipCompliant Integrates Doorman Appointment Delivery Service; NakedWines.Com First Partner to Implement Revolutionary Wine Delivery Service (Boulder, CO)— ShipCompliant has partnered with Doorman, the evening on-demand delivery service, to give its winery clients a foolproof way of assuring direct-to-consumer deliveries are never missed again. With as the first ShipCompliant partner to offer the service, the winery […]

New Product Announcement | ShipCompliant Delivery Experience Tools

We are excited to announce the release of our latest solution — the Delivery Experience. These tools were created to empower wineries to provide their customers with exceptional customer service from tasting room to table. Its release was announced by ShipCompliant President Jason Eckenroth May 28th at DIRECT, our annual conference held in Napa Valley. Sign up […]

How to Improve Your Delivery Rate

In a past article, we discussed delivery rate and the problems that occur if your delivery rate is low. There are many ways to improve your delivery rate (the percent of your shipments that are delivered on the first delivery attempt) which will in turn, improve your customer’s experience.

How Hold Locations Improve Your Customers’ Experience

In a recent post, we discussed the delivery problem. Frequently, consumers who order wine aren’t able to accept their package. Either they aren’t available during the day or they don’t have someone 21 or older available to sign for their package. This challenge frequently results in failed delivery attempts and a lot of back and […]

What is Your Wine Delivery Rate?

It’s easy to think that once your wine has left your property or the fulfillment house, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. In discussions with our customers, we’ve found that that isn’t the case. Package delivery is a critical component of direct-to-consumer wine sales. Consumer expectations have increased as a result of the […]