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GOP Tax Overhaul Includes Big Reductions for Alcohol Producers

Congress voted on a near party line split this week to pass the Tax Cuts and Job Act (“Tax Bill”), a piece of legislation that could have major effects on the U.S. economy, including, notably, major effects for the beverage alcohol industry. That is because the Tax Bill includes major provisions that were part of […]

BevAlc Roundup: First National Economic Impact Study of the American Wine Industry, Licensing Dilemma, and Small Brewery Taprooms

In today’s roundup, we take a look at the first national economic impact study of the American wine industry, the licensing dilemma, and the large impact that small brewery taprooms are having on direct-to-consumer sales.

BevAlc Roundup: Wine shipping webinar, Sonoma’s tasting room limits, research results on craft beer buyers and spiked ice cream!

In today’s roundup we take a look at the California heatwave, avoiding wine packaging disasters, Sonoma’s limits on wine tasting rooms, Philadephia’s reaction to new PLCB rules and spiked ice cream! We invite winery professionals to attend our webinar this Wednesday, September 27, “How to Get Ready for Holiday Direct-to-Consumer Shipping.” Our guest speaker will […]

White Paper Details Craft Beer Shoppers and How They Decide What To Buy

For craft breweries looking to expand their market presence, more data about consumer habits is invaluable. A white paper recently posted by the Brewer’s Association provides some of this data, including the notable conclusion that the person who shops for beer is not necessarily the person who will consume that beer. The paper, coauthored by […]

BevAlc Roundup: ShipCompliant Beer Summit, Crackdown on Interstate DtC, Oktoberfest-Proof Shoes and Blue Wine

In today’s roundup we’re pleased to announce that Paul Gatza of the Brewers Association will be our featured speaker at the ShipCompliant Beer Summit on Oct. 3. You’ll also find articles on how states are taking a hard look at interstate direct-to-consumer shipping, more news from Pennsylvania, updates from the TTB and new products that […]

(Postponed) Paul Gatza of the Brewers Association To Speak At ShipCompliant Beer Summit

The ShipCompliant Beer Summit has been postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience – stay tuned to the ShipCompliant blog for updates. We’re excited to welcome Paul Gatza, Director of the Brewers Association, as our featured speaker at the ShipCompliant Beer Summit in Denver on October 3rd! Paul’s origin in the beer community started when he […]

BevAlc Roundup: Distribution trends, The New Craft Brewer Seal and a Slave’s Crucial Role in Whiskey History

New distribution trends, The New Craft Brewer Seal and a Slave’s Role in Whiskey History

BevAlc Roundup | NAFTA Talks: U.S. Wants Changes To How Canada Sells Wine, Common Carriers Are Requiring Proof of DtC Licenses, and Craft Beer Inspired Candles

Today’s roundup covers US wants changes to the way Canada sells wine, common carriers respond to state scrutiny by requiring proof of DtC licenses, and craft beer inspired candles. Enjoy! ! Georgia Will Soon Join the Rest of the U.S. By Allowing Producers to Sell On Premises | On September 1, 2017, SB 85 will go […]

Georgia Will Soon Join the Rest of the U.S. By Allowing Producers to Sell On Premises

On September 1, 2017, lovers of craft beer and spirits in Georgia will have something to toast. That’s the day that SB 85 will go into effect, permitting licensed breweries and distilleries in the state to sell to consumers directly from their premises. Under the soon-to-be-implemented rules (details from the state can be found here), […]

BevAlc Roundup | Total Wine Wins Challenge on Discount Pricing, Do Your Compliance Prep in Summer for a Productive Winter and Fall, and Craft Breweries Across the U.S. Unveil Their Beer Recipes in New Guide

July is almost over, but the roundup is in full swing, covering Total Wine’s win on discount pricing in Massachusetts, compliance prep in summer creates a productive winter and fall, and craft breweries across the U.S. unveil their beer recipes in new guide. Cheers!     Total Wine Wins Challenge on Discount Pricing | A Boston […]

Do Your Compliance Prep in Summer for a Productive Winter and Fall

It’s been a hot July, meaning stores are stocked with all the citrusy-session beers and cucumber lagers that breweries put out to slake the summer sun. As this seasonal selection gets drunk down, behind the scenes those breweries are diligently producing the spiced and pumpkin-ed beers that so reflect the fall and holiday seasons. The […]

BevAlc Roundup | U.S. Distillers Brace For Possible EU Backlash Against Bourbon, Amazon Isn’t Developing Its Own Wine…Yet, and “The Sideways Effect”

Today’s roundup covers U.S. distillers brace for possible EU backlash against bourbon, Amazon isn’t developing its own wine…yet, and ‘The Sideways Effect’: how a wine-obsessed film reshaped the industry. Enjoy!     Approaches to Spirits Direct Shipping | Today nearly every state—plus the District of Columbia—allows wineries to ship wine across state lines directly to in-state […]

New Brewer Seal Helps Craft Beer Stand Out From The Crowd

Craft brewers can better distinguish their products from major producers’ with the new Independent Craft Brewer Seal. A funny scene played out for me last week, as I was buying beer for a 4th of July party: a couple were having trouble deciding what beer to buy. One of them picked up a six-pack only […]

BevAlc Roundup | Pennsylvania to Require Quarterly DTC Reporting, Craft Fights Back Against “Big Beer” With Independent Seal, and UB40 Is Now Selling Wine … Red Red Wine

Today’s roundup covers Pennsylvania’ new DTC reporting requirement, craft beer’s independent seal, and the band UB40 is now selling wine … red red wine. Have a great July 4th holiday! Pennsylvania To Require Quarterly Reporting for Winery DtC Starting July 31 | On June 7, 2017 the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) sent out notices to […]

BevAlc Roundup | Massachusetts Sales Tax, Wine Summit Recap, and The Next Big Beer Style

Today’s roundup covers what’s next for Massachusetts sales tax, The ShipCompliant Wine Summit recap, and the next big beer style, according to brewers. Have a great week! TTB Newsletter | Top news includes the appointment of Karen Welch as the new director of our International Affairs Division, an overview of TTB’s organizational structure, and a reminder […]

BevAlc Roundup | MA Beer Distributors Push Franchise Reform Bill at State House, 5 Tasting Room Tips to Keep your Winery in Compliance, and ShipCompliant’s 12th Annual Event

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. Today’s roundup covers Massachusetts beer distributors’ push for a franchise reform bill at the State House, five tasting room tips to keep your winery in compliance, and ShipCompliant’s 12th annual event: GCS ShipCompliant Wine Summit. As always, if you read something I missed, let me know in […]

BevAlc Roundup | NC Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association Crushes Breweries’ Effort to Raise Self Distribution Cap, 5 Reasons to Attend the 2017 ShipCompliant Wine Summit, and What Makes a Good Wine Label

The latest beverage alcohol industry news includes NC Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association crushes breweries’ effort to raise self distribution cap, 5 reasons to attend the 2017 ShipCompliant Wine Summit, and what makes a good wine label. Enjoy! What’s Wrong With LSU Beer? Plenty, Lawmaker Contends | A contentious proposal by a Shreveport, LA lawmaker would […]

BevAlc Roundup | Alabama Home Wine Delivery, ShipCompliant Wine Summit, and Wild Turkey Declares it’s Non-GMO

The latest beverage alcohol industry news includes Alabama home wine delivery, ShipCompliant Wine Summit, and Wild Turkey declares it’s non-GMO. Enjoy!

BevAlc Roundup | Indiana’s Cold Beer Battle, ShipCompliant License Renewals, and Rose Forties

Happy Monday! The latest beverage alcohol industry news includes Indiana’s cold beer battle, ShipCompliant License Renewals, and rose forties. Cheers!

BevAlc Roundup | Utah Lowers DUI Threshold, Top 10 Craft Beer Producing Countries, and the Science of Fat-Washing Cocktails

Below is the latest beverage alcohol industry news, including Utah lowering its DUI threshold, top 10 craft beer producing countries, and the science of fat-washing cocktails. Enjoy!

BevAlc Roundup | Utah Lowers DUI Threshold, Minnesota Sunday Liquor Sales, and a Beer Hotel With IPA-Filled Hot Tubs

Below is the latest beverage alcohol industry news, including Utah lowering its DUI threshold, Minnesota allowing liquor sales on Sunday, and Brewdog’s plans to build the “Disneyland” of craft beer with IPA-filled hot tubs. I hope you enjoy!

BevAlc Roundup | TTB’s Bond Termination Under PATH, Q&A From “Shifting Trends in the Beer Industry” Webinar, and a Flood of Pappy Van Winkle

Today, we’ve once again brought you the latest beverage alcohol industry news. This includes the TTB’s bond termination under PATH act provisions, Q&A from “Shifting Trends in the Beer Industry” webinar, and a flood of Pappy Van Winkle. Let me know if I missed anything.

Top Questions (and Answers) from “Shifting Trends in the Beer Industry” Webinar

Bart Watson, Chief Economist at the Brewers Association, recently joined our ShipCompliant webinar to discuss trends in the beer industry. We received some great questions, which we have compiled for Bart to answer. If you are interested in viewing the full webinar, you can watch it on-demand here.   Questions and Answers   Q: Do […]

BevAlc Roundup | TTB’s Request for Comments Hard Cider Tax, Gluten Free Beer, and the First Woman in Moonshine

Today, our roundup includes TTB’s request for comments about changes to the hard cider tax rate, gluten free beer, and the first woman in the moonshine business. Enjoy!

Top Questions (and Answers) from “Simplifying Brewery Compliance” Webinar

With ShipCompliant and OrchestratedBEER you can simplify brewery compliance by automating your operations and reporting. This post will highlight some of the top questions asked during a recent webinar. Streamline Your Brewery Operation Combining OBeer’s invoicing and production capabilities with ShipCompliant’s filing and registration tools, users can better manage compliance for out-of-state shipping. Using the […]

DOJ Paves the Way For AB InBev Acquisition of SABMiller

The planned acquisition of SABMiller by AB InBev cleared perhaps its biggest hurdle on July 20th. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) determined that the sale could proceed–as long as AB InBev complies with several provisions put forward by the DOJ in its proposed Final Judgment. Since it was first announced last November, the roughly […]

Judging a Beer By Its Label

This year, when looking to celebrate the U.S. Olympic team or fret over the Presidential election with a Budweiser, you may face a moment of confusion at the store. Instead of a “Budweiser,” you’ll have to pick up a beer labeled “America.” (No doubt the link between Olympics, elections, and patriotic beer is merely coincidental.)

2016 Craft Brewers Conference Highlights

I was fortunate enough to be able to moderate a panel at this year’s Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia. This was another incredible CBC, with over 13k attendees, hundreds of vendors, and dozens of content-packed sessions. If you weren’t able to attend this year’s event, don’t worry. I’ve prepared a brief recap of the event, […]

I Want My Beer Direct-to-Consumer

Many years ago, long before I joined ShipCompliant and entered the wild world of alcohol beverage regulation, I had the pleasure of attending the Great American Beer Fest in Denver. At this wonderful event, hundreds of breweries from across the country–and the world–come to showcase their beer.

The TTB’s Got the Formula for New Beer

“What’s in a beer?” That’s a very good question, which is perhaps best asked philosophically on a warm Sunday afternoon with a crisp lager in hand. The TTB, though, regularly asks this question to ensure that beers produced in non-traditional ways, or with non-traditional added ingredients, are properly vetted.

Guest Post | How to Avoid Costly Trademark Disputes

The landscape for craft breweries has drastically changed over the last few years, and while we regularly hear about the overall industry growth, we too often read about the rise of trademark disputes coming with it. This problem is continuing to grow as more and more breweries enter the market and more and more brews are […]

Infographic | Hops for the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing, as indicated by the jam-packed to-do lists, the alarmingly festive sweaters, and the insane amount of consumer spending. (It’s estimated the average Joe will spend $700 on gifts and treats in the United States this holiday season alone. This estimate totals $465 billion by the National Retail Federation.) While […]

Regional NCSLA Event in Baltimore Delivers “Perspectives in Alcohol”

This October, NCSLA held their Northern/Southern Regional event, which was an overall success to say the least. Besides incredible hospitality from the Maryland Comptroller, attendees enjoyed networking opportunities with leaders from regulatory agencies, alcohol beverage law firms, and suppliers. There was an incredible amount of knowledge sharing and problem-solving at the event. I’ve summarized the […]

Guest Post | Cybersecurity and Your Business

We at ShipCompliant take the issue of cybersecurity incredibly seriously. Protecting our client’s information and their privacy is our number one priority, which is why we test our system for weaknesses daily. With recent hacks in the wine industry, we’ve received questions from our clients wondering what they can do to protect themselves and their […]

Infographic | The Great Pumpkin Buzz

We here at ShipCompliant just love autumn: The golden Aspens sprinkled in the Rockies, the cool nights that allow us to wear flannel daily, the promise that ski season is just around the corner, and the pumpkins. Oh, the pumpkins. It seems no one can get enough of this orange gourd. Gone are the days […]

Brewery Trademarks: To Get One or Not to Get One?

Back in the day, breweries didn’t have to worry about protecting themselves against trademark lawsuits. But nowadays, thanks to the internet, a booming industry, and a shrinking pool of available, non-trademarked names, breweries are frequently finding themselves under attack for trademark issues. This has led to changes in the industry, which has now made registering […]

Webinar Recording | Smart Beer Branding in 2015 and Beyond

As your brewery releases new products, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect your brand. We hosted a webinar with Lehrman Beverage Law to review some of the best practices you can take to protect your business as it grows. Watch this free recording of the webinar, and join the Beverage Alcohol Community […]

Beer Industry Growth Means More Product Diversity for Consumers

As you may know, the beverage alcohol industry is doing quite well. The direct-to-consumer wine industry had a record-breaking year, ciders are increasing in popularity, and the craft beer industry is absolutely booming. In addition to this growth in volume, there has been an overwhelming amount of product diversity within the industry, specifically when we […]

Trademark Issues on the Rise

The beverage alcohol industry has seen a growing number of lawsuits over the last few years. We’ve seen two general forms of these: class action lawsuits concerning product classification and brand trademark lawsuits between companies. These lawsuits are proving to be time consuming, expensive, and a real hangover for those involved.

The OrchestratedBEER and ShipCompliant Integration

We have been working with our buddies at OrchestratedBEER to make your lives easier. OrchestratedBEER is an industry leader in brewery management software. They help breweries with everything from planning and scheduling your brews to managing your sales, invoices, and accounting. OrchestratedBEER and ShipCompliant have a shared purpose. We strive to simplify our customer’s processes, […]