BevAlc Roundup | Release The 2019 DtC Report! California’s New Rules for Social Media and Bev Alc, Where DtC Shipping Is Still Limited, and What Emerging Wine Regions Need to Overcome

In case you missed it, the 2019 Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report was released this last week! This annual report is the most comprehensive look at the DtC wine shipping industry, and provides valuable insights on how the industry succeeds and where future growth can come from. The headline number is that the market reached the $3 billion mark in 2018 for the first time — and while growth may have slowed from previous years, this is still undoubtedly an active and exciting market to be in.

Download your copy today here! Read more below on what the industry is finding in the report.

And after you’re done reading the Report, there’s plenty more of the RoundUp to check out, where we review the fallout from the Federal Government Shutdown on the TTB and the beverage alcohol industry; then we hear from Rob McMillan on whether consumers will still drink wine in years to come, and from Tom Wark on why that panic may be overblown; and finally, a look at why glass bottle recycling isn’t more common.

Thanks for reading the RoundUp this week. As ever, be sure to check out the rest of the ShipCompliant blog for regular updates, and we’ll see you again in another couple weeks!


The 2019 DtC Report Is Available — Here’s the Scuttlebutt

Wine Shipments to Consumers Hit Record $3 Billion in 2018 | 2019 Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report highlights growth in prices, leading to 50% growth in value in three years. ShipCompliant by Sovos

10% of U.S. Wine Retail Sales Shipped Direct to Consumers in 2018 | At $3 billion, DtC was up almost 12% over 2017 — 53% since 2015 and 6 times larger than 2011. Forbes

Direct Sales Alter US Wine Market | Direct to consumer sales up to $3 billion, spelling big change for the US wine industry model.

DTC Channel Is Reaching Maturity for Wine | Larry Cormier, General Manager, ShipCompliant by Sovos, presented the topline results from their annual Direct to Consumer Wine Shipping Report based on the 8 million transactions a year filtered through ShipCompliant by Sovos at the DTC Wine Symposium Wednesday. Wine Industry Advisor

The Oregon Wine Industry’s Direct Shipping Success Story | Overall in 2018, all American wineries increased the volume and value of their DTC shipments by 8.9% and 11.6 percent, respectively. Oregon wineries increased their volume and value of shipments by 19% and 21%. Fermentation


Regulatory News and Discussions

TTB Message to Industry and Others Affected By the Shutdown | We have received a number of questions regarding how we plan to address the significant backlog of applications and other work items we now have following the shutdown, including how long it will take us to resume normal operations. TTB

The Government Shutdown Is Over (For Now), but the Hits Keep Coming | The TTB’s closure will cost the drink industry millions in the months to come. SevenFifty Daily

A Picture (On Instagram) Is Worth A Thousand Words | California’s new events-based tied house exception and why everyone is so excited. Booze Rules

Montgomery County Liquor Exec Fires Back at Group’s Call to Exit Alcohol Business | Monopoly on distribution and sales has been debated for decades. Bethesda Magazine


Industry Updates: Market Conditions and Developments

DTC Report Card: Progress Continues but State Laws Still Limit Consumer Access | “It’s baby steps sometimes,” Steve Gross, vice president, State Relations for Wine Institute, said Thursday at the 2019 Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium in Concord. Wine Business

The Lost Wine Consumer of 2019 | The industry isn’t only at a crossroads, we stand a chance of losing the wine consumer altogether. SVB on Wine

How to Fix the Problem With Millennials and Wine | The narrative surrounding Millennials and wine has changed, and now appears to present an existential threat to the American wine industry’s profits. Fermentation

The Top 10 Wine Trends of 2018 | From emerging wine regions to canned wines taking off, here are the top trends and news stories that most impacted the industry in 2018. Wine Enthusiast

Unified Symposium Tech Talk | Understanding and leveraging data within the wine industry. Wine Business



Why Don’t We Recycle More Wine Bottles? | Wine bottles are a major source of domestic glass trash, why don’t we recycle them? Go San Angelo

Whiskey Searches Catch Up to Wine | A delve into our states for the most searched for wines reveals some surprising interlopers.

Obstacles Emerging Wine Regions Must Overcome | Market perception is only one f the obstacles faced by winemakers in an emerging region: there are also issues posed by terroir, regulation, infrastructure, and more. Forbes

How an Enslaved Distiller Was Written Out of Jack Daniel’s History | Uncovering the true story of a legendary American brand. The Atlantic


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