BevAlc Roundup | Tennessee faces a challenge to its residency requirements for licensees, whither the California wine industry, and ways to accelerate aging spirits.

This is a busy time of year in the beverage alcohol industry, as the grape harvest continues apace and everyone else gets ready for the upcoming holiday season with its special products and unique offerings. So we hope you’ll take a minute or two and check out the Roundup. This week we have a couple reposts from the regular blog feed, in case you missed them. Then, we look at a recent court case in Mississippi that brings up interesting issues involving states going after out-of-state shippers, plus a new disease is affecting grapevines that is being called the new Phylloxera, and why women are at the beating heart of the Bourbon industry.

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TTB Newsletter | Top stories include restated policy on the use of controlled substances in alcohol beverages and new guidance related to distilled spirits. TTB

Pennsylvania Announces Simplification of DtC Wine Shipping Reporting | Effectively immediately, DWS licensees will no longer be required to complete the quarterly “by ZIP code” shipping report, including for any past reporting periods. ShipCompliant

What’s In A Label — Webinar Recap | Along with the Colorado Brewer’s Guide, we take a broad look into label regulations and registrations. If you missed the webinar you can rewatch it here. ShipCompliant

Mississippi Rising | On Monday, August 27th the Chancery court in Mississippi upheld “passage of title” terms of sale, dismissing a case brought by the Mississippi Attorney General alleging illegal shipments of wine into the state by out-of-state retailers. Booze Rules

Tennessee’s Retailers Petition U.S. Supreme Court Over Law Imposing Residency Requirements On Out-Of-State Retailers And Wholesalers | Trade association argues residency requirements ensure alcohol retailers know “their community and are invested in its welfare.” Wine Business

Committee Formed To Clarify State’s Alcohol Laws “Stacked Against” Small Producers | The head of a Wisconsin craft alcohol group says a legislative committee aiming to clarify the state’s alcohol laws is “stacked against” small breweries, wineries and distilleries. The Cap Times

7 Trends Currently Affecting Wine Sales and Wine Shipping | There’s no doubt about it: Changes are coming to the wine industry. And many of the trends we are seeing on the horizon will directly affect DTC wine sales, eCommerce wine sales, and the fulfillment of both. Wine Industry Network


The New, Deadly Disease Threatening The Wine World | The most seriously affected winemakers are already dubbing it “the next phylloxera”. Financial Times

Top 10 U.S. Wine Distributors | As ranked by importance to U.S. wineries, top distributors and executives. Wines & Vines

Exploring New Directions For California Wine | Assessing the changing enology landscape and the challenges faced by young winemakers. SevenFifty Daily

Craft Beer Was Built On An Us-Versus-Them Ethos. Now It’s Tearing Us Apart | Today, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine who is an “us” and who is a “them”. VinePair

New Mobile Trends To Drive Sales | Embracing new mobile technologies, targeting and retargeting customers on social media, and ensuring seamless online shopping experiences are among the trends brands should embrace, Wine Business


Who Run The (Bourbon) World? Women, No Matter How We Drink It | A group of some 150 women from 23 states and Canada gathered for a weekend of panels and distillery tours, and of course, sipping. Courier-Journal

Global Warming Could Throw France’s Wine-Making Traditions Into Chaos | Erelier, “unbalanced” harvests are putting Bordeaux’s premium grapes into jeopardy. The Atlantic

Here Are the Fastest-Growing Beer Styles In America Right Now | Funky brews are gaining steam, but IPAs aren’t going anywhere. Food & Wine

Accelerating The Aging Of Spirits | Experts discuss the advantages and disadvantages of speeding up the maturation process. SevenFifty Daily

What Does The World’s Best Wine Taste Like? | 7 ways to differentiate between an excellent wine and one that’s truly exceptional.  SevenFifty Daily


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