BevAlc Roundup | Oklahoma releases application for October DtC wine sales, craft brewers see stable mid-year sales, and a millennia-old wine jar factory found in Israel

It’s August, meaning the grape harvest has begun and planning for the winter season is in full swing. Why not take a quick break to read our Roundup? This week, we have a couple of in-case-you-missed-it pieces from the main ShipCompliant feed on changes for DtC shippers to Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. We also look at some court cases that have the potential to greatly expand interstate DtC shipping for retailers, big news in the world of wine reporting as Wines & Vines Magazine and Wine Business Monthly announce plans to merge, and scientists have confirmed it: water and whisky mix well.

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TTB Newsletter | Top stories include Permits Online 5.0 is finally here! The new system is designed to simplify your experience in submitting new applications and managing your existing accounts. TTB

Oklahoma to Open for DtC Wine Sales Sooner Than Later – Application Now Available | On October 1, 2018, new rules permitting licensed wine manufacturers to make direct-to-consumer (DtC) shipments to Oklahoma residents will become effective. ShipCompliant by Sovos

Pennsylvania Clarifies Age Verification Rules For DtC Shippers | The PLCB recently published a supplementary advisory notice, clarifying age verification requirements that Direct Wine Shipper (DWS) licensees must fulfill as a condition of their license. ShipCompliant by Sovos

Supreme Court has Chance To Decide If States Can Discriminate Against Wine Retailer Shipping? | Are there any circumstances under which the dormant commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution protects retailer and wholesalers from discriminatory state liquor laws? NAWR

TTB Issues Guidance on Transfers of Beer between Breweries of Different Ownership |

Last week, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) published a TTB Procedure governing the transfer in bond of beer between breweries of different ownership. Alcohol Law Advisor

Retailers Spar With Total Wine Over Coupons | An amendment to Massachusetts law that would allow discounts is being resisted by independent store owners.

With 3.2 Beer Brands Likely To Disappear, Lawmakers May Have To Act Or Face A Ballot Initiative | Utah lawmakers may be forced to deal with disappearing beer brands and move heavier alcohol content brews into grocery and convenience store shelves. Fox 13 Salt Lake City


Despite Smoke, Vintners Positive In Napa, Sonoma | As vines progress through veraison, reports remain positive about the coming 2018 harvest. Wines&Vines

Mid-Year Growth Pace Remains Stable For Small And Independent Brewers | Production volume for the craft segment increased five percent during the first half of 2018. Brewers Association

A Change At The Heart Of The Wine Trade 100 Years In the Making | Wine Business Monthly and Wines & Vines Magazine will be merging, with Wines & Vines Magazines being folded into Wine Business Monthly. Fermentation

Carriers Trashing Wine Shipments | UPS and FedEx are confiscating and disposing of some wines shipped from New York retail stores to customers out of state.

10 Things Keeping Wine Executives Up At Night — And Ways To Sleep Better | The rewards and challenges of growing, making, and selling wine can be numerous for grape growers, winery owners, and executives. North Bay Business Journal


Israeli Archaeologists Discover Massive 1,800-Year-Old Wine Jar “Factory” | The remains of around 100,000 broken or flawed jars were also discovered. VinePair

Chardonnay Voted America’s Favourite Wine | Having once been associated with Bridget Jones mid meltdown, Chardonnay has risen phoenix-like from the ashes to become the most popular wine in America. The Drinks Business

Exploring Oregon’s Tasting Room Of The Future | The tasting room of the future may include an Olympic kitchen and miles of marble counters, or it may look like an airport terminal that dropped down into an AVA. Oregon Wine Press

When The 3-Tier System Works As It’s Supposed To, It’s A Beautiful Thing | This was a great example of how it can work for everyone, and why wholesale distribution should be a benefit to a winery’s direct sales, and vice versa. Tablas Creek Blog

Chemists Say Watering Down Whisky Improves The Taste | Science has confirmed that the whisky purists are right. Cosmos Magazine


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