BevAlc Roundup | WSWA announces its position on marijuana, tasting room sales support sales in wine stores, and hybrid grapes are a growing trend

Summer is now in full swing and things are getting quite hot! So why not cool down a bit with the BevAlc Roundup? This week we look at an interesting recent First Amendment case out of Missouri and what its impact on other challenges to beverage alcohol regulations could be, Tom Wark cautions wineries to be careful around offers that sound a bit too good, we get an early preview of what’s looking to be a banner California harvest, and some recent discoveries show that rum may have had its start in the East Indies before moving to the West.

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TTB Newsletter | Top stories include new CMBTRA guidances for transfers between breweries and Permits Online will be closed July 26-30. TTB

A New Virginia License Signal Potential Advancement for Online Beer Sales | Virginia’s new Internet Beer Retailer license opens up the chance for retailers without store fronts to sell to customers in the state. ShipCompliant by Sovos

Federal Court Rules Against State Liquor Statutes And Regulations Without A 21st Amendment Analysis | In a potentially groundbreaking case a federal district overturned a state’s regulations and statute that restricted alcohol advertising practices. Irish Liquor Lawyer

Whiskey Summit Planned In Hopes Of Defusing Trade Conflicts | Concerned that global trade disputes could escalate – with Kentucky bourbon makers caught in the crosshairs – the industry has invited whiskey associations from across the world to discuss ways to defuse the conflicts. Washington Times

Why Wine And Spirits Wholesalers Are Speaking Out About Marijuana Legalization | The links between alcoholic beverages and marijuana are not new, with wine publications writing about cannabis sommeliers, experts offering suggestions for weed and wine pairings, and some wineries even producing legal “weed wine,” a product that infuses marijuana into alcohol-free wine. Forbes

TTB Labeling (A Brief History) | The TTB has struggled over the years to provide consumers with useful information while balancing the needs of beverage producers. Spirited


Scams and Frauds In the Wine Business — Be Watchful | Scams that are much more difficult to get to the bottom of are those are undertaken by a real person you are working with; a person who appears to have the knowledge and contacts and ideas that represent them well and will help you and your business. Fermentation

Early Reports Put 2018 Harvest At Above Average | California wine industry maintains an optimistic view, larger wineries sitting on full inventories. Wines and Vines

Do Tasting Rooms Steal Sales from the Wholesaler? | If you and your wholesaler have an enlightened view, you will view each as integral to success and in that reasoned world where we all get along, you will want to offer some wines that are in distribution. SVB on Wine

How Do Wineries Beat The Amazon Effect — Customer Centric Shipping | For too long fulfillment has been seen as an operational cost versus a marketing activity. Medium

Oregon Wineries Step Up, Outside Players Move In | Mergers and acquisitions, plus explosive growth of brands, transform the state’s industry. Wines and Vines


In Wine and Critics, Populists Find an Easy Target | Studies keep drawing the conclusion that people like cheap wines best and should not trust experts. But the findings say more about fears than tastes. New York Times

Forget the Caribbean: Was Rum Invented In India? | Newly discovered evidence suggest that rum production predates the Caribbean by at least 1,000 years and may have actually started in South East Asia. The Daily Beast

The Emergence of Non-Vinifera Wines | A pioneering group of American winemakers are demonstrating the potential of hybrids. SevenFifty Daily

What Is Carbonic Maceration, and Why Does It Taste So Damn Fun? | This fermentation technique makes zippy, juicy wines that we can’t stop drinking. Bon Appetit


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