White Paper Details Craft Beer Shoppers and How They Decide What To Buy

For craft breweries looking to expand their market presence, more data about consumer habits is invaluable. A white paper recently posted by the Brewer’s Association provides some of this data, including the notable conclusion that the person who shops for beer is not necessarily the person who will consume that beer.

The paper, coauthored by Professor Marcel Zondag of the Haworth College of Business at Western Michigan University, and Bart Watson of the Brewer’s Association, details the results of a study of 1,019 Midwestern beer shoppers.

Their results indicate several key ways that craft brewers can improve their marketing and sales strategies:

  • Shoppers for craft beer are not necessarily the end consumers of that beer. A brewery will need to appeal to both the purchaser and the end consumer to best succeed.
  • Buying “local” remains a key decision point that shoppers use to select their beer. Establishing a firm local footprint, from which to expand into regional markets, can be an effective strategy.
  • Craft beer is a valuable part of any retailer’s portfolio, as those products typically have a higher price-point. To the extent permitted by Trade Practice rules, craft brewers should emphasize this potential higher sales price when selling to retailers in order to encourage the retailers to pick up their brands.

There are many more notable conclusions contained in the paper, along with more details on how shoppers are influenced to make a craft beer purchase, all helpful for developing a craft beer sales strategy. To find out more, visit the Brewers’ Association website to read the white paper in full.

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