BevAlc Roundup | NAFTA Talks: U.S. Wants Changes To How Canada Sells Wine, Common Carriers Are Requiring Proof of DtC Licenses, and Craft Beer Inspired Candles

Today’s roundup covers US wants changes to the way Canada sells wine, common carriers respond to state scrutiny by requiring proof of DtC licenses, and craft beer inspired candles. Enjoy! !

Georgia Will Soon Join the Rest of the U.S. By Allowing Producers to Sell On Premises | On September 1, 2017, SB 85 will go into effect, permitting licensed breweries and distilleries in the state to sell to consumers directly from their premises. ShipCompliant Blog

NAFTA Talks: U.S. Wants Changes To The Way Canada Sells Wine | Provinicial rules regarding the sales of wine are a U.S. target in trade negotiations. Huffington Post

Republican Lawmaker Files Bill To Change Three-Tier System | Wisconsin Republican lawmakers say they want to restart a conversation about the state’s liquor laws by introducing a bill they say will remove barriers to business growth. The Capital Times

State Liquor Law Change Helps Micro Distilleries Expand Reach | It soon might become easier for Ohio’s micro distilleries to get their vodkas, gins and whiskeys on barroom shelves thanks to a change in state rules that will allow small-time distillers to sell products directly to pubs and restaurants. Toledo Blade


Common Carriers Respond to State Scrutiny By Requiring Proof of DtC Licenses | Common carriers are heightening their policies of requiring proof of an active DtC shipping license before they will contract with businesses to deliver packages containing beverage alcohol. ShipCompliant Blog

UPS Opens the Doors to European Shipping | Close to 40 countries will be able to receive domestic wine.

“Disruptive” Wine App Vivino Tops US $40M Sales | Speaking to CNNMoney this week, Vivino founder and CEO Heini Zachariassen said that wines worth more than $40 million have been sold through the site. The Drinks Business

Moonshine Is Not Just an American Thing | Moonshine has a global history, on ethat goes back 600 years, and probably even further. The American Spectator


Spicy scents of craft beers waft from these candles | Creating candles that have scents inspired by craft beer flavors has helped diversify a small family distributor’s business because a change in state law has cut into their sales and where they can sell major beer brands. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Why expensive wine appears to taste better | Price labels influence our liking of wine: The same wine tastes better to participants when it is labeled with a higher price tag.

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