BevAlc Roundup | Utah Lowers DUI Threshold, Top 10 Craft Beer Producing Countries, and the Science of Fat-Washing Cocktails

Below is the latest beverage alcohol industry news, including Utah lowering its DUI threshold, top 10 craft beer producing countries, and the science of fat-washing cocktails. Enjoy!


Utah Cuts DUI Alcohol Limit to Lowest Level in U.S.; Law Also Affects Gun Owners | Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has signed a bill into law that lowers the maximum blood alcohol limit for drivers to .05 percent from the current legal threshold of .08 percent — giving Utah the strictest drunken driving law in the nation. NPR

Suburban Lawmakers, Distillery Push Law to Bypass Liquor Distributors | Under Illinois state law, businesses in the fast-growing craft distillery industry must work through a liquor distributor just to get a few bottles into a bar or store across the street. Daily Herald

Recent Uptick in Tied House Enforcement Actions by State and Federal Agencies | Over the past year, there has been an increase in enforcement actions by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (“ABC”) and the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (“TTB”) in connection with state and federal tied house laws. DPF Law

Michigan: Canary in the DTC Coal Mine?  | The recent flurry of legislative activity that has resulted in a third important lawsuit against the State of Michigan related to DtC shipping legislation provides both clarity and a better understanding of the motivations of each of the tiers of the wine industry in every state. Hinman Carmichael

TTB Newsletter | Top news includes an important notice about an upcoming Web browser and operating system compatibility issue that may impact your ability to access the TTB website and online applications, and a Federal Register notification published by USDA about the National Organic Program sunset review of the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances. TTB


Wine’s Apparent Neglect of Marketing | Marketing is a pervasive theme in modern business. This is understandable when it is recognised what a magical effect it can have on the fortunes of a product. The Drinks Business

Marijuana Industry Presses Ahead in California’s Wine Country | In the heart of Northern California’s wine country, a civil engineer turned marijuana entrepreneur is adding a new dimension to the art of matching fine wines with gourmet food: cannabis and wine pairing dinners. The New York Times

Top 10 Craft Beer Producing Countries: US and UK Lead the Way | The US remains the biggest craft beer producer; but the UK has more craft breweries per capita, according to a survey from Alltech and The Brewers Journal.


Why is No One Marketing Craft Beer to Women? | As of 2016, only 25 percent of craft beer drinkers were women, according to the Brewers Association. And it’s at least possible that that has something to do with the fact that no one in the industry seems invested in a craft beer revolution for women. VinePair

Ignore the Snobs, Drink the Cheap, Delicious Wine | Connoisseurs consider processed wines the enological equivalent of processed foods, if not worse. But they are wrong. The New York Times

The Science of Fat-Washing Cocktails | Fat-washing: it might sound like a process for getting rid of bacon grease on your shirt, but it’s actually a clever cocktail technique that adds savory flavor to spirits. Serious Eats

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