BevAlc Roundup | Utah Lowers DUI Threshold, Minnesota Sunday Liquor Sales, and a Beer Hotel With IPA-Filled Hot Tubs

Below is the latest beverage alcohol industry news, including Utah lowering its DUI threshold, Minnesota allowing liquor sales on Sunday, and Brewdog’s plans to build the “Disneyland” of craft beer with IPA-filled hot tubs. I hope you enjoy!



‘Let’s Open the Tap’ Montana House Supports Expansion of Craft Beer Production | Montana breweries might soon be allowed to produce millions more pints without having to close their taprooms or use third-party licenses to work around current limits. Missoulian

Arkansas House Backs Bill to Expand Wine in Grocery Stores | The bill would allow grocery stores to sell wine from all producers. Merced Sun-Star

Sunday Liquor Sales Bill Headed to Dayton’s Desk | Minnesota lawmakers are toasting the end to a decades-old ban on Sunday liquor sales. CBS Minnesota

Legislature Makes Utah’s DUI Threshold Lowest in Nation at .05 Percent | Saying Utah should take the lead in discouraging drunken driving, the state Senate voted Wednesday to lower the blood-alcohol content threshold for driving under the influence to .05 percent — the strictest in the nation. Deseret News 

TTB Newsletter | Top news includes a system outage notification, information about our success in reducing alcohol beverage formula requirements, an announcement that Karen Welch is the acting director of our International Affairs Division, the call for applications for the Chemist Certification Program, and information about two adverse actions resulting from field cases. TTB




Brewers’ Existential Challenge: Make ‘Amazing’ Beer or Die | If you want to stay in business for more than a couple of years, you’d better be making some really great beer. It’s only getting more competitive out there. MarketWatch

Harnessing 3 1/2 Tier Wine Distribution Small and Mid-size Distributors Offer Level Playing Field but Require Higher Margins | In this era of distributor and retailer consolidation, new and smaller wineries are looking for alternative routes to sales. Wines & Vines

Pennsylvanians Make a Rum Run to Cuba | Pennsylvania legislators flew to Havana last month with a simple idea for getting around the 55-year-old embargo against Cuba. Post-Gazette

U.S. Sake Sales Soar as Brewers Around the World Defy Ancient Japanese Traditions | As Americans take a greater interest in food fermentation, some are following the now well-worn path of craft brewers, distillers and kombucha makers into opening up a new frontier, into artisanal sake. Forbes




Airlines Aim to Trick Your Taste Buds at 30,000 Feet | Finally, beer may start tasting good in flight. The New York Times

Brewdog Plans Beer Hotel with IPA-Filled Hot Tubs | Scottish brewer Brewdog has unveiled plans to build the “Disneyland” of craft beer, promising that its craft beer hotel will be the “happiest place on earth” complete with hot tubs filled with its Punk IPA and a beer tap in every room. The Drinks Business

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