BevAlc Roundup | TTB’s Changes to Import Paperwork, 2016 Regulations in Review, and Trademark Disputes in 2016


Happy New Year! Today, our roundup is back from holiday break and includes TTB’s changes to import paperwork, 2016 regulations in review, and trademark disputes in 2016.




TTB Newsletter for 12/23 | Top news includes finalized TTB regulations regarding using the International Trade Data System (ITDS) for filing import paperwork, information about the TTB requirements to import beverage alcohol, as well as a list of the past week’s top distilled spirits pages at TTB


TTB Newsletter for 12/30 | Top news includes announcements about changes to the bond requirements and tax return filing periods, and changes to the criterion for eligibility for the Hard Cider tax rate, that will all take effect January 1, 2017, as well as a list of the past week’s top informational pages at TTB


TTB Publishes Final Rule to Streamline Importation and Exportation Procedures | On December 22, 2016, TTB published a Final Rule implementing the streamlined importation and exportation procedures established by the International Trade Data System. Alcohol Law Advisor


Florida Senate bill would give craft distilleries more freedom | A bill filed by a senator from Sarasota would allow distilleries the freedom to sell more of their own product on-site and reduce the license fee for craft distilleries by 75 percent.


A Year to Remember — 2016 Regulations in Review | In 2016, no fewer than four states implemented regulatory changes billed as “the biggest updates to beverage alcohol laws since Prohibition.” ShipCompliant




US distributor consolidation ‘an issue’ for spirits | Speaking exclusively to The Spirits Business, Glaser identified the ongoing merger and acquisition activity in the US distribution business as one of the biggest challenges to the industry. The Spirits Business


A Trademark Year In Wine And Beer 2016: Part 3 | Law360 presents an ongoing series of case law review of the best Trademark disputes in the beverage alcohol industry in 2016. Law360




Is Peach Brandy the Next Hot Spirit? | The lost history and rebirth of America’s first homegrown spirit. Daily Beast


Happy New Year from Sovos | ShipCompliant | We are thankful to be working with so many amazing people in this industry. ShipCompliant

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