BevAlc Roundup | TTB’s Plan for COLAs Online, Arizona Releases DtC License, and Craft Beer Year in Review


Today, our roundup includes updates to TTB’s COLAs Online, Arizona’s new DtC license, and a look at craft beer year in review. If you read something I missed, let me know!




TTB Newsletter | Top stories include a planned update to COLAs Online and a look forward to upcoming FDA menu requirements.  TTB


Maryland: Bethesda Liquor Store Owners Oppose Bill that Would Allow Total Wine Expansion | Retailers argue that allowing businesses to hold second licenses would hurt small stores. Bethesda Magazine


Pennsylvania’s Big Year of Beverage Alcohol Rule Reform | Pennsylvania had a landmark year of changes to its beverage alcohol laws, from new direct to consumer rules to expanded beer sales. ShipCompliant


Arizona Releases New Direct-to-Consumer License | The Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control (DLLC) released the application for the new Series 17W Direct-to-Consumer (DtC) Wine Shipment License. ShipCompliant




Exporting Craft Beer To Europe | Craft beers are increasingly able to compete with other products in Europe, such as wine, and there is increasing market demand in Europe for innovative, rare, and exotic beers. Brewer’s Association


How Much Fake Fine Wine is in the Market? | “The pervasiveness of counterfeit wines in the fine wine world is a lot larger than people know, or are willing to admit to,” says Maureen Downey, owner of Chai Consulting. The Drinks Business


2016 Craft Beer Year in Review from the Brewer’s Association | “In the face of numerous opportunities and challenges in 2016, small and independent craft brewers continue to thrive,” said Bart Watson, chief economist, Brewers Association. Brewer’s Association


2017 Alcohol Sales Outlook: No New Drinkers, but More People Paying for Quality | Projections for 2017 see less growth in who consumes alcohol, but more in what they consume. Craft Brewing Business




What Does “Proof” on a Liquor Bottle Mean, and Where Does It Come From? | Proof is one of those terms most of us use to describe our whiskey without entirely understanding what it means. Men’s Journal


New Belgium’s Kim Jordan talks 25th anniversary, a new CEO and staying independent | New Belgium founders talk on 25 years of being an independent craft brewer. Denver Post


The Vodka Brands to Watch in 2017 | Vodka has held up well, with global sales values forecast to increase by 0.24% between 2015 and 2016, driven by a focus on raw base materials and a fresh surge of bartender backing. The Spirits Business

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