BevAlc Roundup | TTB’s Q&A on FDA Food Facility Requirements, Best Practices for Bringing Products to Market, and the Next Craft Beer Trend


Today, our roundup includes the TTB’s Q&A on FDA food facility requirements, best practices for bringing products to market, and the next craft beer trend. I hope you enjoy. If you read something I missed, let me know!




TTB Newsletter | Top stories include Roberta Sander’s retirement and Q&A on FDA food facility registration. TTB


Liquor price increases by Malloy? | Connecticut Governor Malloy has made reform of the state’s liquor laws a consistent priority. The Day


Wine Industry Not Ready for Retail Changes | New retail promotions regulations, which had been strongly opposed by grocery stores, passed into law and will go into effect Jan. 1, 2017. Wines & Vines


Liquor Association to challenge passage of measure that modernizes liquor laws in Oklahoma | Oklahoma voted to modernize liquor laws, but the results are already being challenged in court. KFOR


Indiana wine dealer challenges Illinois law barring importation of alcoholic beverages | Illinois officials aren’t commenting on a challenge to the laws barring retailers from importing wine and other alcoholic beverages into the state. Legal NewsLine




Higher Prices, Brighter Futures? The Changing Landscape of Beer Retail | Revenue from higher-priced beers is increasing faster than any other segment. Beer Advocate


Data Says Women Driving Craft Beer Growth | Most craft beer demand is driven by men, but that there are a few styles that women preferred.


Facebook Messenger app enables paid advertisers to engage with users instantly | New Facebook Messenger app spells success for Absolut Vodka. The Drum


Cannabis Cocktails? Constellation Sees Opening as Pot Laws Ease | Constellation is considering a new approach to livening up its beverages: marijuana. Bloomberg


Best Practices for Bringing Products to Market | Frequently a disconnect between their internal processes and the regulatory rules surrounding product approval causes a bottleneck, delaying the release of new products.  ShipCompliant




What do we mean by minerality? | Over the past decade or so, the words mineral and minerality have invaded wine talk and wine writing. Financial Times


That Historic Cocktail? Turns Out It’s a Fake | “Seelbach” cocktail, long famed as a rediscovered pre-prohibition classical drink, turns out to be a modern invention. NY Times


American Drinkers Are Losing Their Sweet Tooth | The drinking culture in America has made close to a 180-degree turn. Forbes


The Next Craft Beer Trend: Make It Into Whiskey | Whiskey and beer, after all, start off with the same ingredients: sugary grains, yeast, and hot water. Men’s Journal

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