BevAlc Roundup | Retail Direct to Consumer Shipping, Climate Change and Wine Production, and Craft Distilleries


Happy Halloween!

Hope you have a fun and safe holiday. Today, our roundup includes a look at some upcoming legislative changes, how climate change is affecting wine production, and archaeological news at Buffalo Trace. I hope you enjoy. If you read something I missed, let me know!




TTB Newsletter | Top stories include tips on using the new COLAs Online system and the establishment of two new viticultural areas. TTB


Kentucky: Provision In New Alcohol Reg Is Upsetting Some Beer Distributors | Beer distributors take issue with new Kentucky rules that seem to violate tied-house rules.


Buying Beer May Soon Become More Convenient | Pennsylvania legislature responds to residents’ requests for easier beer purchases with new proposed bill. WNEP


Clash Over Wine Merchant Shipping Laws Expands to Missouri and Michigan | In a Missouri courthouse and the Michigan statehouse, retailers are battling for the right to ship wine to customers across state lines. Wine Spectator


Utah braces for impact of Oklahoma’s 3.2 beer vote | Utah’s alcohol policy makers are watching a vote on beer in Oklahoma, and preparing for the potential impact it will have. FOX-Utah




Sovos Hosts BACS: 3rd Annual Industry Thought Leadership Event | Join us on November 7 to learn how to reduce time to market, the latest state and federal regulatory updates, and get detailed analysis on market and data trends at the Beverage Alcohol Community Symposium. Don’t forget to register! Sovos


Study Finds More Than 1,300 Active Craft Spirits Producers in U.S. | Craft Spirits Data Project shows the great potential of the craft spirits industry. PR Newswire


Global wine production expected to fall by 5% due to ‘climatic events’ | Global wine production is expected to fall by 5% in 2016 because of “climatic events” causing steep drops in production in most of the southern hemisphere. The Guardian


Wine Institute: 2016 California Wine Harvest Report | The 2016 California winegrape harvest was early, with a mostly normal yield of exceptional quality fruit throughout the state.


Brewing: Craft Beer Comes of Age | It is a bright spot in an otherwise stagnant sector. But is the market at ‘peak craft’? Financial Times




Buffalo Trace unearths ‘bourbon Pompeii’ of 1873 distillery on Kentucky River | Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort unearthed remnants of the O.F.C. Distillery dating to 1873 while renovating a building along the Kentucky River. Lexington Herald-Leader


Wine Press: 5 reasons why Americans drink more wine than ever | Wine is more popular than ever before in the U.S. What trends are causing this? MassLive


Anheuser-Busch Delivers a Bunch of Beer In a Self-Driving Truck | Anheuser-Busch claims it completed the world’s first commercial shipment of beer in a self-driving truck, partnering with Uber’s startup Otto to deliver 2,000 cases of Budweiser. Huffington Post


Three Ways to Beat Champagne’s Climate-Change Problem | Higher global temperatures have led to some recent boom vintages, but how should growers adapt as temperatures continue to rise?. Wall Street Journal


Pricey Mezcal Steals Hipster Crown | To the chagrin of established tequila brands, mezcal seems to have captured the essence of hipster cool right out from under them. Financial Times

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