BevAlc Roundup | Overview of the AB InBev-SABMiller merger, BACS 2016, and Harvest reports

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Today, our roundup includes the mega-merger of AB InBev and SABMiller, harvest reports on grapes and hops, and the Craft Beverage Modernization Act. I hope you enjoy. If you read something I missed, let me know!




TTB Newsletter | Top stories include TTB auditors and investigators receiving awards and new statistical reports available on Distilled Spirits Producers. TTB


Congress May Lower Taxes on Drinks | The Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act has support, but will it pass this year? The American Conservative


TTB Takes Big Steps to Remove Burdens on Product Approval | The Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has been on a roll recently to reduce regulatory burdens for beverage alcohol suppliers. ShipCompliant


Pennsylvania 1st State to Allow Direct Shipping of Wine From Abroad | As written, the new Direct to Consumer law allows foreign wineries to get licensed as direct shipper; but federal rules on importing wine still stand in the way. TRIBLive




A-B InBev finalizes acquisition of SABMiller | Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer, closed Monday on its more than $100 billion acquisition of rival SABMiller. St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Harvest Report: The End is in Sight | The 2016 harvest has already ended in some parts of the Napa Valley, while other vineyard operators are still busily bringing in cabernet sauvignon. Napa Valley Register


Record WA Hops Harvest Quenching Thirsty Beer Market | The explosion of the craft beer movement worldwide, if fueling a surge in interest for the little green crop. NWCN


Summary Judgment Granted in Tito’s “Handmade” Vodka Case | Tito’s “Handmade” Vodka notches up a victory in an ongoing onslaught of consumer confusion lawsuits. The National Law Review
Michigan: Packaged liquor sales are now a $1 billion industry for Michigan | Michigan’s packaged liquor sales reached a new peak in 2015, topping the $1 billion mark in wholesale purchases by retailers. MLive




iGeneration Joins Millennial, Gen-X And Baby Boomer Generations For Some Wine | Survey data of wine drinkers shows generational divides. Forbes


Could There be a “Liver-Friendly” Vodka? | One company claims its proprietary blend of additives reduces stress on the body; but can those claims pass regulator’s scrutiny? Scientific American


Cannabis Beer Brewer Prepares for National Distribution | Unlike long-allowed hemp seed beer, this one comes with cannabinoids. U.S. News & World Report
Let’s Demystify Whiskey Bottle Label Age Statements | Everybody knows what age statements are, but many don’t understand what age statements really mean. The Whiskey Wash

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