BevAlc Roundup | Overview of the TTB’s New Rulings on Formulas, BACS 2016, and Spirits Trends

I hope you had a great weekend! Today, our roundup includes an overview of the TTB’s new formula requirements for wine and spirits, BACS 2016, and spirits trends. I hope you enjoy. If you read something I missed, let me know!


TTB Newsletter | Top stories include new rulings on reduced formula requirements on domestic and imported wine and distilled spirits. TTB

How Can a Wine Made in Georgia be Labeled ‘Napa Valley’? | A California-led proposal to tighten wine-labeling rules has rallied the state’s lawmakers, split the industry and spurred a debate that shows no signs of resolution. Los Angeles Times

Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation to Modernize New York’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Law | Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation to modernize New York’s archaic 80-year-old Alcoholic Beverage Control Law. Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Beer Tax Would Increase More than 200% Under Michigan Bill | Proposed bill seeks to raise the tax on beer for the first time since 1966. MLive

Zombies,’ Lobbyists and Vodka at Grocery Stores: What’s Next for PA Liquor Reform? | As Pennsylvania adapts to this summer’s modernization bills, could be proposed legislation signal similar changes for distilled spirits? PennLive


What Snoop Dogg’s Pabst Lawsuit Says About the Beer Industry | Real life lessons for breweries in drafting ownership sharing agreements. MarketWatch

Rosé Rules as Summer Closes and Blush Wines Bloom in USA | America is looking at the world through rosé-colored glasses — and liking it quite a lot. USA Today

Lyft Teams With Budweiser to Curb Drunk Driving with Free Rides | Lyft has formed a partnership with Budweiser in an effort to reduce fatalities from drunk driving while also “celebrating beer drinkers.” Venture Beat

Another Taxpayer Victory in Illinois False Claims Act Litigation | Victory for another winery selling direct to consumer in the ongoing saga of Illinois qui tam cases. Inside SALT

DtC Shipments Surge, Total Wine Sales Strong | All DtC industry metrics show positive growth in August. Wines & Vines

BACS 2016 | Join your peers and industry experts to discuss federal and state challenges, recent industry trends, and compliance issues in the 3-tier system. ShipCompliant


The Annoying Psychology of How Your Friends Influence the Beer You Order | The small ways people signal their uniqueness. New York Magazine

Actually, American Beer Is Fantastic | In America, there are thousands of breweries producing a great variety of beer. ValueWalk

The World’s Seven Strangest Alcohol Laws | Alcohol laws can get complicated — this looks at how they can get weird too. The Drinks Business

All the Work That Goes Into One Bottle of Wine | Erin Dix, a wholesaler in St. Louis, talks about what it’s like to be an intermediary between producers and retailers. The Atlantic

As Craft Spirits Rise, Booze Industry More Fluid Than Ever | The same trends that have shaken up food and beer companies are also stirring hard liquor. Chicago Tribune

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