BevAlc Roundup | Overview of the TTB’s New Labeling Regulations, BACS 2016, and the Rise of Canned Wine

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! Today, our roundup includes an overview of the TTB’s labeling regulations, BACS 2016, and the rise of canned wine. I hope you enjoy. If you read something I missed, let me know!


TTB Newsletter | Top stories include two final rules regarding American Viticultural Areas, information collection notifications, and a list of the past week’s top formulation pages. TTB

New TTB Labeling Requirement Regulations | A look at TTB’s proposed rules for labeling requirements for COLA exemptions. Hinman Law

Forget Grocery Stores, Pennsylvania’s Serious Wine Drinkers Are Buying Online | Wine enthusiasts across the state are celebrating the new availability of DtC sales. WESA.FM

Beer Sold in Ohio Officially Has No ABV Limit Thanks to HB 37 | Ohioans brace for all sorts of new beers flowing from their taps. Scene

Illinois Third-Party Provider Rule Signed Into Law | Wineries face new provisions when using TPPs to ship DtC wine into Illinois. ShipCompliant


Total U.S. Wine Sales Stay Strong | Solid wine sales growth in July came with a spike in direct-to-consumer wine shipments. Wines & Wines

Grape Vines Exposed to Smoke to Test Taint from Wildfires | New study shows effect of wildfires on grapes. WSU News

Temperature Control Impacting Wine Shipments | Affordable temperature control may be behind an increase in summer wine shipments. Fermentation Wine Blog

Big Alcohol Tries to Go on a Health Kick | Could alcoholic seltzer drinks be the next big thing? Bloomberg

BACS 2016 | We’re excited to announce a date for our 2016 Beverage Alcohol Community Symposium. ShipCompliant


Wine Packaging Designer Encourages Innovation | How unique packaging connects consumers with products. Wines & Vines

The Cocktails America’s Never Heard Of | Drinks from around the world that are practically unknown in the U.S. The Daily Beast

Why America is Drunk on Canned Wine | This summer, millions of wine drinkers ditched corks and slipped a can of wine. USA Today

Are celebrity Wine-Makers Destroying an Ancient Art? | The rise of celebrity wines in the market. NY Post

Bourbon on Fire | Bourbon drinkers, proceed with caution with these high-proof whiskeys. The Whiskey Wash

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