Weekly Roundup | Overview of the ‘Durbin Amendment,’ DtC Growth Nationwide, and Craft Beer in Science

I hope you had a great weekend with lots of rest and sunshine! Today, our weekly roundup includes an overview of the ‘Durbin Amendment,’ a look at DtC growth nationwide, and the role of craft beer in science. I hope you enjoy. If you read something I missed, let me know!


What is the ‘Durbin Amendment’ and What Does it Mean for Wineries? | Read the background and implications of the Durbin Amendment. WineAmerica

TTB Weekly Newsletter | This week’s TTB newsletter covers an interim final rule adjusting the amount of the Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act penalty, information about the updated customer service pages, and more. TTB


Researchers Study Colored Shade Nets on Grapes | Trial at UC Davis experimental vineyard attempts to manage grape chemistry with light exposure. Wines & Vines

Wine Shipping Sees Growth Across the US | We talk a lot about the California wine scene, but what about the rest of the country? ShipCompliant

Direct to Consumer Winery Shipments Now Legal in 44 States | This post provides an overview of the current landscape of the Direct-to-Consumer wine industry. Forbes


Coffee and Chocolate are Sneaking into Sour Beers | The nutty, roasty flavors of coffee and cocoa seem like they don’t belong in a tart wild ale—until you try it. DRAFT

Wine Clubs – Getting Behind the Brand | Wineries are having to box clever to attract and keep wine club members. Wine-Searcher

Why Booze Labels Need to Change | This fall, the TTB will open up an online forum for anyone to propose amendments on a huge swath of presently outdated rules; from adding new regulated spirits categories, to clearing up misleading labeling language. EATER


How Craft Brewers Advance Science, and Make Better Beer | Over the past decade, varieties once thought of as boutique beers, such as I.P.A.s, have exploded in the United States, thanks to the locavore movement. The New Yorker

Wine Growlers? Absolutely. You’ll Never Guess Where They’re From | Growlers, which have been used for other beverages historically, are becoming popular in the wine industry. Forbes

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