Weekly Roundup | Illinois DtC Bill Adding Rules, Louisiana Improving DtC Laws, and Global Warming and Its Impacts

I hope everyone who attended our DIRECT Conference last week had a wonderful time! Our team so enjoyed the opportunity to meet with clients and come together to Build Tomorrow. Stay tuned for content from the event to come.

Today, we’ve once again brought you the latest beverage alcohol industry news. This includes new rules to the Illinois DtC bill, Louisiana improvement to DtC shipping laws, and climate change impacts on the wine industry. As always, if you read something I missed, let me know. 


Illinois DtC Bill Could Add Rules on Using TPPs | Illinois Senate voted in favor of SB 2989, sending the bill forward to Governor Bruce Rauner; if approved, SB 2989 will amend Illinois’s existing DtC shipping laws, adding several new compliance rules for wineries using third-party fulfillment centers. ShipCompliant

Louisiana Governor Signs Improved Consumer Wine Shipping into Law | Last week, June 22nd, Louisiana Governor Edwards signed legislation (HB 667)  into law which will allow wineries holding Direct Wine Shipper permits to ship wine directly to consumer (DtC) in Louisiana, without requiring the consumer to visit the winery – as long as the wine has not been assigned to a Louisiana wholesaler. ShipCompliant

TTB Weekly Newsletter | This week’s TTB newsletter covers a notice of proposed rulemaking regarding the labeling of wine, proposed regulations that would streamline the import process for alcohol and tobacco products, and more. TTB


Climate Change from a Global Wine Industry Perspective | The overall wine industry consensus is that global climate change is real, but in the vineyard, the results are neither uniform nor clear-cut. Forbes

Minnesota’s Craft Beer Boom Has Spawned a Fledgling Hops Industry | Minnesota’s booming craft beer industry has created a huge demand for hops, an ingredient that provides the suds with bitter, citric, and zesty flavors and aromas. StarTribune

What Is Blue Wine and Why Is It a Trendy, New Drink? | The new tipple is a blend of red and white wine but comes in a bright blue hue. Tech Times

Is There a Future for Wine Made in Detroit? | Michigan’s northern and western regions are known for leading the state’s industry, but people over in the southeast could soon join in on the recognition. Michigan Radio


Last Call: Barnes & Noble Bets on Beer; Russian River Closes Escrow | Faced with a never-ending consumer shift to online retail purchases, Barnes & Noble is turning to food and beverage to boost sales. BrewBound

Draw on Data for Efficient Wine Sales | Experts reveal how best to use sales and customer data at revamped WITS show. Wines&Vines

Crafting the Future of Oregon’s Expanding Beer Economy | With more than 220 craft breweries statewide, beer and the ingredients used to make it are key components in Oregon’s economy, communities, and culture. Oregon Live


11 Jobs in the Beer Industry Guaranteed to Make You Jealous | These days, everybody is intent on dropping their desk job to hop on the craft beer bandwagon, but why? Thrillist

This Machine Lets You Craft Beer from Your Smartphone | If you thought turning water into beer was some kind of inconceivable 21st-century miracle, it turns out you can also brew your own beer as easily as your fire up that morning coffee. Digital Spy

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