Weekly Roundup | Pennsylvania to Allow DtC Wine Sales, South Carolina Legislation Changes, and Tech Updates in the Wine Industry

I’d like to take a moment to share our support for the families and communities affected by the tragedy in Orlando. Orlando is in our thoughts and our hearts. We’ve been sharing this Spotify playlist around the office today in their honor, and I hope it might also bring a bit of healing to your day.

Today, we’ve once again brought you the latest beverage alcohol industry news. This includes Pennsylvania’s recent allowance of direct-to-consumer wine sales, legislative changes for craft beer in South Carolina, and new trends in technology for the wine industry. As always, if you read something I missed, let me know. 


Popping the Top: Legislative Initiatives, Although Slow to Come, Have Given S.C.’s Craft Beer Industry a Boost | South Carolina has always had an uneasy relationship with alcohol, it’s almost as if we have two speeds – slow and stop. The Post Courier

A Keystone Change – Pennsylvania to Allow Direct to Consumer Sales of Wine | On June 8th, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed HB 1690, which includes new laws that will make the state the latest to allow DtC sales of wine. ShipCompliant

TTB Weekly Newsletter | This week’s TTB newsletter covers improvements to Formulas Online, information about which ingredients and processes are exempt from the malt beverage formula, and more. TTB


Arizona Offers Perfect Weather for Wine Industry | The monsoon season provides much-needed rain for the deserts of Arizona, but for the Verde Valley, that moisture is making all of the difference for nourishing the wine industry. AZ Family

How Technology Is Transforming the Wine Industry | Wine is a $300 billion industry, and so far only a handful of start-ups have been making big waves in this niche area – but that’s all going to change. The Huffington Post

U.S. Wine Tax Bill Inches Forward | Washington state made a step forward May 12th to streamline and reduce excise taxes within the wine industry, and the bill continues to inch forward. Wines&Vines


3 Essential Business Growth Lessons from the Craft Beer Boom | We’ve zeroed in on three strategies that have led to success in the craft beer world that are relevant to all entrepreneurs. CNBC

Announcing Sasha Strauss as Keynote Speaker at DIRECT! | Sasha’s talk, titled ‘Branding in the New Normal,’ discusses how a confluence of technologies, global consumer psychology, and the evolving business climate have given birth to a communication revolution. ShipCompliant


How Two Wisconsin CEO’s Created the New Craze of Pairing Jerky with Beer | On my path to pairing the perfect jerky with beer, the first thing I learned is Wisconsin is unique. Forbes

Vintners Begin Using Drone Helicopters | A new way to protect grapevines from disease, delivered from above, is taking flight over Napa vineyards. Napa Valley Register

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