Weekly Roundup | California Label Requirements, Napa Valley Growth, and an Update on Hard Soda Trends

Happy Tuesday, folks! I hope you had a delightful Memorial Day Weekend. Today’s roundup covers California label requirements, Napa Valley wine industry growth, and an update on hard soda trends. As always, if you read something I missed, let me know in the comments. Have a great short week!


California Regulation Requires Warning Labels for BPA | The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has issued emergency regulations that would require manufacturers, including wineries, to warn consumers about the chemical called bisephenol A (BPA). WineAmerica

Majority of U.S. House of Representatives Support Beer Tax Reform | The Brewers Association announced that the craft beverage modernization and tax reform act now has 218 house co-sponsors. Brewers Association

TTB Weekly Newsletter | This week’s TTB newsletter highlights the indictment of a wholesaler on a smuggling scheme, information about the FDA’s recently issued tobacco products, and more! TTB


Napa Valley Sees Growth in Value and Volume | Napa Valley saw one of the greatest value increases in 2015, with the average price per bottle jumping 14.7%, to $61.41. ShipCompliant

Pennsylvania Still Among Most Restrictive States in Sales of Alcohol | Even after some progress, Pennsylvania remains the most restrictive state in sales of alcohol. TribLive

Frost in the North; Rain in the East |Weather woes for wine grape growers accumulate across upper Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic. Wines & Vines


DIRECT | Tentative Agenda Released! | To help you prepare for the conference, we’ve put together an agenda-at-a-glance. Note, the agenda is tentative, and subject to change. ShipCompliant

This Could be the Summer of Hard Soda | As the key summer beer-selling season gets underway, the hard soda category shows no signs of slowing down. CNBC


The Future of Getting High | Scientists are working on nonaddictive opiates, pills that sober you up, and pot designed to produce certain moods. The Atlantic

MAP: The Highest Rated IPA in Every State | See the most popular IPAs across the country. VinePair

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