Weekly Roundup | U.S. Tariff Cuts On Wine Exports, Mandatory Labeling Pushed Back, and Oregon Wineries Anticipating Huge Growth

Happy Saint Patrick’s week everyone! To get your week moving, we’ve brought you the latest news roundup. This week, the updates include anticipated growth for Oregon wineries, a repeal that allows the U.S. to avoid costly tariffs, and an update on FDA labeling requirements. As always, let me know if I missed anything and have a happy St. Patty’s Day!


Final Step Taken to Avoid Costly Tariffs on American Wine in Canada | There’s a repeal that will allow the U.S. to avoid costly tariffs on goods, including wine, exported into Canada and Mexico. WineAmerica

Mandatory FDA Menu Labeling Delayed Until Next Year |  Alcohol is not exempt from this labeling requirement. WineAmerica

TTB Weekly Newsletter | This week’s newsletter includes alcohol beverage sampling results, a compromise to settle violations of internal revenue code, and a tutorial on online permits. TTB


Oregon Wine Industry: “The Good News is Sales Are Up, The Bad News is Sales Are Up” | Oregon wineries are anticipating rapid growth, requiring wineries to invest heavily in growing their businesses. KATU

Millennials Are Ditching Beer For Liquor and Wine | Looks like millennials love liquor and wine more than previous generations. Business Insider

Is St. Patrick’s Day Beer Supply Imperiled By Contract Talks? | With America’s top beer-consuming holidays right around the corner, drivers and distributors are threatening to go on strike. The Seattle Times


The Winning Case For Beer Pairing on The Menu | Wine and spirits are powerful pairings for your plate, but what about beer? Brewers Association

Ideological Wine | What ideological differences are found in the wine world? Fermentation


Forget Green Beer, You Need Wine This St. Patrick’s Day | From Irish wine to Irish food, what you need to mix this St. Partick’s Day. FlipSidePA

10 Irish Beers For St. Patrick’s Day | Here is a list of Ireland’s best brews that aren’t the stouts you may be used to. Paste Magazine


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