New Partner | SimplyCMS Launches Integration

ShipCompliant regularly introduces you to wine industry software systems who have recently built integrations to our compliance, tax, and address validation APIs. This week we are excited to tell you about simplyCMS and invite you to join a live integration demo on Tuesday, March 1st (sign up below). You can view all current partners here and find out more information about our partner program here.

We love seeing a new option in the winery eCommerce software market, especially when there are years of relevant wine industry experience behind it. simplyCMS was launched in 2014 based on 10 years of experience in winery eCommerce.  The platform offers an all-in-one, add features as-you-go, direct marketing system for wineries, including website management and eCommerce along with POS and club channel management. simplyCMS took compliance seriously from the start and quickly put together what we feel is a top-notch integration, offering a smooth winery workflow.

Stephen Mutch from simplyCMS and our own Colin Neilson will provide a demo of how the integration works, next Tuesday, March 1st, at 10 am PST.

Some of the stand-out features that will be highlighted in the integration demo are:

  • Sophisticated options for compliance-check workflows
  • On-demand individual or batch product updates
  • Deep integration with address verification tools
  • Slick and convenient setup / configuration process
  • Accommodates multiple fulfillment locations and multiple fulfillment accounts
  • Tracking number synchronization

For more information, you can contact:

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