Weekly Roundup | Clarity on Gluten-Free Labeling, DtC Laws for Breweries, and New Rulings on Category Management

Happy Monday, folks! To start the week off, I’ve brought you the roundup once again. This week’s highlights include information regarding the TTB’s ruling for gluten-free labeling, updates on direct-to-consumer laws for breweries in Louisiana and Mississippi, and a breakdown of category management for wholesalers. I hope you find this informative, and as always, let me know if I missed anything!


Beer Laws in Louisiana and Mississippi Restricting Brewery Growth | Finally, laws that restrict direct-to-consumers sales and laws restricting Brewery Association grants are looking to be lifted in Mississippi and Louisiana. Brewers Association

New Ruling from TTB Categorically Manages Category Management | TTB issued ruling 2016-1, clarifying that wholesalers of beverage alcohol may provide retailers with shelf plans and schematics without violating tied-house restrictions. ShipCompliant

TTB Weekly Newsletter | This week’s TTB Newsletter includes news on the FDA and the proposed ruling on gluten-free labeling for fermented and hydrolyzed foods, and more! TTB


More Brewers Tap Into Nitrogen for Their Beer | Guinness developed the method for carbonating beer with nitrogen in the 1950’s and now brewers everywhere are taking on the practice to modernize their beer. StarTribune

Are You Sure You Need a Wine Bond? Details about how the PATH Act will affect wineries. Wines & Vines

The Meteoric Rise of Hard Root Beer | With the steady rise in preference for alcoholic sodas, brewers are starting to take aim at making their own hard root beers. Thrillist

Trademarks All Over the Atlas | It feels like there is a new trademark dispute daily in the alcohol beverage category, this case, in particular, sheds light on the importance to do research on trademarks before establishing names. Bevlog


Overall Beer Dips Again While Whiskey, Wine, and Craft Beer Gain | The beverage alcohol industry continues to build on decades of growth, however, overall beer continues to fall for the second year in a row. Craft Brewing Business

Boston Distributor, Craft Brewers Guild, Suspended and Fined for Pay-To-Play Practices | Craft Brewers Guild is taking heavy heat from the TTB and the state of Massachusetts for their pay-to-play practices which infringe on decades old byzantine alcohol regulations. Craft Brewing Business


The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Girl Scout Cookies & Wine | In light of girl scout cookie season, here is an infographic breakdown of what cookies you should be mixing with your red and whites. VinePair

Wine Dogs: The Vineyard Dogs of 2016 | What could be better than time on a vineyard, with a puppy. Forbes


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