Weekly Roundup | Millennial Wine Consumption, Wine ABV Trends, and a Farewell from Jason Eckenroth

Happy Tuesday, all! I hope you had a restful Presidents Day. To kick off this short week, we’ve brought you the latest updates from the industry. Today’s roundup includes a look at millennial wine consumption, trends of wine ABV, and a final post from our former president, Jason Eckenroth. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to join us in wishing Jason Eckenroth the best in his future endeavors.

On Growth and Gratitude | Jason Eckenroth has left his position as President of ShipCompliant. In this blog, he shares his thoughts about ShipCompliant and this industry. ShipCompliant


A Move to Let DtC Bloom in the Desert | 2016 will see yet another drive to amend a state’s rules–Arizona’s–to expand the ability of residents to receive wine directly. ShipCompliant

Distilled Spirits Council and Wine Institute Statement on TTB Kroger Letter | In light of the TTB’s recent response to the proposed Kroger program, Distilled Spirits Council and Wine Institute shared their concerns regarding the program. Wine Institute

TTB Weekly Newsletter | This week, the TTB brings you the annual report, and a breakdown of beer, wine, and distilled spirit laws, regulations, and guidance. TTB


The Battle Between Big Beer and Craft Brewers is Getting Ugly | From bashing big ad spends to complete industry mockery, craft brewers and big beer continue to go head to head and things are only heating up more. Finance Yahoo

Cheers! Millennials Drink Almost Half the Wine Bought in America | Millennials drank 42 percent of all the wine consumed in the U.S. last year, and now that all millennials are officially 21, consumption is only expected to go up. VinEnology

Why Wine Has More Alcohol Than Ever | James Lapsley, Professor of Viticulture at the University of California, claims that grape sugar levels in wine have gone up 7 to 10 percent over the last few decades and this means more alcohol content as well. VinEnology


Female Craft Brewers Talk Hops |  In 2014, 21 percent of stateside craft breweries held women in top positions. That trend continues today as female craft brewery owners/ brewers are only becoming more common in the industry. Bloomberg

Calling All Movers and Shakers | We’re on the hunt for movers and shakers to share their ideas for a breakout session presentation to be included in one of our four conference tracks. ShipCompliant

What the Heck Is Natural Wine? Here’s a Taste | The breakdown of what natural wine is and the key differences between natural wine and modern wine. NPR


Brewers Association Sends Craft Beer Package to Peyton Manning | In light of Peyton Manning and the Broncos’ recent Super Bowl win and the priceless Budweiser remark after the big win, craft brewers are making an effort to make it on to Peyton’s palate. Denver Post

Buzz Aldrin Drank Wine on the Moon, but NASA Didn’t Want You to Know About It | It was 47 years ago this July, that Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin went to the moon… and drank wine? VinePair


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