Weekly Roundup | Wine Distributor Merger, Wine Sales in Farmers Markets, and This Year’s Beer Trends

Happy Monday, all! I hope you had a great Super Bowl weekend. (We sure did here in Colorado! Go Broncos! Go Broncos!) To kick off the week, we have all of the latest updates from the industry. Today’s roundup includes news about a large wine distributor merger, Ohio’s plans for wine sales at farmers’ markets, and this year’s beer trends. Hope you find it interesting, and as always, let me know if I missed something!


Distributors Change Winery Landscape | There is a big merger in the making with two of the four largest wine and spirits distributors in the U.S. involved. Wines&Vines

New Ohio Law Would Allow Wine Sales at Farmers’ Markets | The bill was approved by the house and is now on its way to Ohio Senate; this could mean wine samples at farmers markets for Ohio residents. My Dayton Daily News

TTB Newsletter | This week the TTB Newsletter includes news on alcohol industry growth, as well as job openings at the bureau. TTB


Breckenridge Brewery’s Sale Sends Tremors Through Craft Beer Scene | Colorado, the craft beer paradise, is now in danger of Anhueser-Busch making their way on to the scene, and local brewers are uncertain about what this means. Colorado Public Radio

Diversity Amongst Craft Beer Trends | What’s trending in the craft beer market today? Simple, diversity. Brewers Association

Bud Light is making drastic changes to capture American millennials | Bud Light is making moves to revamp and re-position their brand to better reach millennials. Business Insider

Massachusetts to Give Wineries Some Credit |  Massachusetts is giving wineries credit for excise tax rate issues from last year. ShipCompliant


Drones Are Saving the California Wine Industry | Amidst the California water crisis, winemakers are finding creative ways to better manage their crops. VinoEnology

Tapping the Potential of Wine in Kegs | Wine-on-tap is a growing phenomenon and it might be time to take notice. VinoEnology


Wine Pairings for Your Chinese Zodiac Sign | In light of Chinese New Year, here are the best wines for your zodiac sign. VinePair

Here’s Why Your Beer Can Sometimes Taste Like Pennies | Have you ever noticed a metallic taste to your beer? Oddly enough it has nothing to do with beer cans. VinePair

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  1. Steve

    The mandatory distribution regulations are a government sanctioned monopoly. Distributors cannot be taken-on to be abolished and their regulations can only be re-arranged/shuffled as the deck chairs on the Titanic. Politicians feed at the trough of the distributors. As the large manufacturers of beer enter the enclave’s of the brewer entrepreneurs, the advantages of massive scale will drive the small craft guys out of business because large manufacturers can buy raw materials cheaply, they control distributors and the economies of their scale; governments want large tax paying entities and contributors, and laws are not set to help the little guy. Just look at Nevada AB4 bill. It was written to protect distributors while throwing scraps to 4 tiny wineries in the whole state. In reality maybe the large brewers (let’s call them the Walmart type brewers) will drive the mom and pop brewers out. Maybe that is the way it should be, if that is the case level the playing field for the little guy then.


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