Weekly Roundup | Latest Beer Trends, Social Media Don’ts, and Detox Cocktails

Happy Monday! I hope you’re feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new year! Today, to help you get back into the swing of things, we’ve brought you the latest beer trends, some social media no-nos, and detox cocktails. Let me know if I’ve missed anything interesting. Have a great week!


My 2016 Predictions, Revealed | Harry Schuhmacher shares his thoughts on the coming year. Beer Business Daily

Is Wine Consumption Set to Decline in the U.S.? | This post offers some interesting questions for the coming year. Fermentation

Kegged Wines Bubble Up in Canada | Sparkling wine in kegs stays fresh, reduces waste, and offer a by-the-glass treat. Wines & Vines


Eight Ways Wine Will Change in 2016 | From English bubbly to over-the-top wine tours and celebrity brands, Pursuits’ critic Elin McCoy uncorks her predictions for the year to come. Bloomberg

How to Fail at Social Media | What not to do with your social media efforts this year. Chatterbox

A New Year’s Note on Gratitude | Jason Eckenroth, Founder and President of ShipCompliant, shares some of his thoughts on gratitude for the new year. ShipCompliant

Still Ales: What You Need to Know About the Flat Beer Trend | Craft breweries have been producing high-alcohol, fizzless beers for years now. And when faced with the smooth, complex results, drinkers are beginning to convert. Bloomberg



We Transformed Classic Detox Drinks into Delicious Cocktails | These recipes are for those of us that don’t exactly stick to our New Year’s Resolutions. VinePair
A Psychologist’s Secrets to Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick | And these tips are for those of us that want this to be the year we stick to those resolutions. Good Luck! Forbes

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