Minnesota Goes Green with PRO

There’s a lot of great things to say about our 32nd state, but here’s one for your next game of trivia. Tonka trucks are developed and manufactured in Minnetonka, Minnesota. And if that’s not enough, you’ll be happy to learn that our 32nd state is now our 15th state to accept registrations through the PRO system!

As of today, Minnesota joins the quickly growing rank of states to go green and accept alcohol beverage label registrations online through PRO. Minnesota Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division has partnered with Product Registration Online to offer an electronic method for registering and renewing labels. The streamlined workflow is similar to other states utilizing the PRO system, and should cut registration times down significantly.

Label registrations in Minnesota remain relatively uncomplicated. Here’s some more detail to keep things straight.

  • Minnesota requires wholesale label registration for wine, malt/beer and spirit labels
  • Minnesota new brand/ label registrations have a state fee of $40 per label.
  • Label renewals have a state fee of $30 per labels
  • Unlike other states with a set renewal period, Minnesota renewals run throughout the year depending on your license expiration date. Labels can be renewed online 60 days prior to the expiration date of your license and are valid for three years.
  • Labels not renewed prior to their expiration date must be re-registered as new labels

Ready to submit? Click here to get started:

register new label


renew labels

Want more information? The Minnesota Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement website here is a good source, as is our friendly client services team, which can be reached at support@productregistrationonline.com.

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