Weekly Roundup | Latest Tito’s Ruling, Grapevine Genetics, and Importer Tips

Greetings! I hope you had a fantastic weekend and are gearing up for some serious eating this week. Once again, we’ve brought you our roundup full of the latest industry news. This edition features the latest Tito’s federal court ruling, a look at how genetics are changing grapevines, and some tips for importers. I hope you find it interesting. Have a great week, and let me know if I missed something interesting!


Judge Miller Not Too Impressed with TTB System or Tito Approvals | Updates from one of the eight separate Tito’s cases. BevLog

New Mexico Goes Green, Mandates PRO | Trees everywhere are rejoicing as New Mexico joins four other states to mandate PRO for all wholesale label registrations. ShipCompliant

TTB Newsletter | This week, the TTB’s newsletter features deadline reminders, Formulas Online 2.0 release, and more! TTB 


How Genetics are Changing Grapevines | Three experts discussed some of the most promising approaches for fighting vineyard pests at the Napa Valley Grapegrowers’ Rootstock conference held Nov. 12. Wines and Vines

What are the historic success and failure rates of breweries? | This post provides an in-depth look at the success of the average brewery in the Untied States. Craft Brewing Business

Event Recap | Beverage Alcohol Community Symposium | Last week we held our second annual BACS. The event was packed with information and you can now read a recap of the event! ShipCompliant 


Infographic | Seven Rules of Thumb for Importers | We’ve chatted with our importer clients to bring you some best practices, details to remember, and tips for making your jobs a little easier. ShipCompliant

Guest Post | Top Five Winery Marketing Tips for This Holiday Season | We reached out to Sandra Hess, founder of DTC Wine Workshops, to bring you some of the best tactics your winery can adopt to make the most of this time of year. ShipCompliant

A Courtroom Cocktail: Gosling Brothers and a Dark, Stormy Message | There are lots of cocktail controversies out there. This post provides an update on the Dark N’ Stormy trademarked cocktail. Bevlog


America’s 11 Favorite Thanksgiving Pies Paired with Wine [Infographic] | For those of us that love our pie just as much as our wine. VinePair

Hot Beer Drinks for Cold Days | A compilation of historical, contemporary, and downright bizarre ways to heat up your beer. Draft Mag

At This Henniker Turkey Farm, Beer is the Special Ingredient for These Birds | An interesting use of those old PBRs in the fridge. NewHampshire.com

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