Infographic | Seven Rules of Thumb for Importers

Today’s importer faces some tough challenges. The number of regulations and deadlines for importer compliance is both complex and time-consuming. We’ve chatted with our importer clients to bring you some best practices, details to remember, and tips for making your jobs a little easier. We hope you find it helpful!  


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  1. Thomas

    If we are finishing our paperwork as an importer and getting our type 9 license with ABC, what states are we allowed to ship to?

    • Alex Koral - Industry Relations Advisor

      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, the opportunity for importers to ship direct-to-consumer is very limited at present. Only a handful of states, like New Hampshire and West Virginia, would permit a Type 9 licensee to get a DtC license. Most states limit their DtC licenses to only Type 2 wine manufacturer licensees.


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