Weekly Roundup | Threat to Virginia’s Liquor Monopoly, Lower Drinking Age Ballot, and a Crop Update from CA

Greetings! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Once again, we’ve brought you our roundup full of the latest industry news. This edition features a threat to Virginia’s ABC liquor monopoly, a lower drinking age ballot, and a crop update from California. I hope you find it interesting. Have a great week, and let me know if I missed something!


A Corrected Interpretation of Massachusetts’s Tax Rules Confirms a Lower Rate for Many Wineries | In the last couple weeks, thanks largely to efforts by Wine Institute, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue has announced a correction of some previously conflicting tax information. ShipCompliant

Battle Brews Over Kombucha TeasA battle is brewing between U.S. regulators who say their tests of a fermented tea show high enough alcohol content to require a warning label and producers who insist the testing is inaccurate. Wall Street Journal

TTB Newsletter | This week, the TTB’s newsletter features an announcement about Formulas Online 2.0, FBA rulemaking on the term ‘natural,’ and more! TTB 


Virginia’s ABC Liquor Monopoly May Be Toast | Virginia’s liquor monopoly faces threats from free marketeers. The Daily Caller

Anheuser-Busch InBev Completes Agreement for SABMiller | Anheuser-Busch InBev said on Wednesday that it had completed an agreement to acquire its closest rival, SABMiller, for nearly $106 billion, creating what it said would be the first “truly global brewer.” New York Times

How Short Was California’s Grape Crop? | Executive at 10,000-acre vineyard company says yields were down as much as 86% in some areas. Wines & Vines

Ballot Initiative to Lower Drinking Age Filed | The California Secretary of State’s office announced that a proposed ballot initiative to lower the minimum legal drinking age in California from 21 to 18 has been cleared for the collection of petition signatures. Brewers Association


A Bordeaux Too Far – Importers Still Face Barriers in the Direct Market | The DtC market now reaches into 42 states and is inching closer and closer to the $2 billion mark. However, these sales have so far been limited to US-based wineries. ShipCompliant

Infographic | Our Guide to Surviving the DtC Holiday Rush | Check out some of our tips and tricks for keeping this season has jolly as it is busy. ShipCompliant

What to Know Before Starting a Blog | A guide for starting a blog for your business. OnBlastBlog


Is There a Particular Reason Nothing Else Did as well as Wine Made from Grapes | Wine can be made from a wide range of plants, so why are grapes so popular? Reddit

Five Beer Brewers Tell You Which Beers to Bring to Thanksgiving | Make sure you ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ with your craft beer choices this holiday. LA Times

A Brief History of the Wine Corkscrew | As soon as the earliest glass bottles arrived in late seventeenth-century England, inventors began dreaming up instruments to ease the removal of corks. VinePair

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